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russell_simmons.jpgThe practice of killing ducks for their livers — or foie gras — has got to be up there with one of the more horrible ways to treat a living creature. According to Wikipedia, force feeding takes place 12-18 days before slaughter. The duck or goose is typically fed a controlled amount of corn mash through a tube inserted in the animal’s esophagus. This causes the liver to expand and become a fatty delicacy served around the world.

Joining PETA in an effort to hold up bans on foie gras in the city of Chicago is Def Jam records founder Russell Simmons. The artist appealed on behalf of PETA to the city council saying the following, “Cruelty is wrong, regardless of whether the victim is a child, a dog, or a bird. Let’s come together to oppose all cruelty and injustice. I am asking that you support keeping this compassionate law in place—a law that Chicago can be truly proud of.”

You can find the rest of his letter here. PETA also made mention of a horrific accident at the Hudson Valley Foie Gras factory farm in which 15,000 ducks were burned to death in a fire. According to the Times Herald, the owner of the factory lamented the financial lost of the operation and said it “could not have come at a worse time.”

Good luck finding sympathy, buddy.

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  • Dana

    I hate hearing about captive animals dying in fires and other disasters. Reminds you that it’s just not right to keep mass amounts of animals in confinement for profit.

  • Lizzie

    What you probably don’t know about PETA and other animal rights organizations is that they support TOTAL ANIMAL LIBERATION. This means no meat at all. No cheese. No pets, no zoos, no fish tanks. PETA doesn’t even support seeing-eye dogs.

    PETA doesn’t want you to know this. Does Russell Simmons even know this? Is he a vegan? I doubt it. Are those leather shoes, Mr. Simmons? How about the sweater? Any wool?

    PETA proudly touts its celebs who come out against things like fur or foie gras, but quietly hides the hypocrisy underlying it all.

    In addition, foie gras production has been studied by independent vets and scientists who’ve found it to be humane. Those who would say otherwise are foolishly anthropomorphizing, as a duck’s physiology is very different from a huamn’s.

    For more information about the animal welfare aspects of foie gras production, check out .

  • DJ Rozz

    It makes me sick to hear how these ducks are abused for this food. Disgusting.

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  • The Stylish Vegan

    I have issues with Russ. I have total disdain for a “vegan” who sells leather shoes. Read this for more on Simmons

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