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hayden-panettiere-pumps-gas-again-8.jpgHeroes star Hayden Panettiere is a phenomenal activist for the welfare of animals. We’ve profiled many of her campaigns here on ‘razzi — including her latest visit to Japan to help dolphins. Unfortunately, those efforts — and her commitment to living a greener lifestyle — are being overshadowed by the massive vehicle she continues to drive around town. Just this week there were several blog posts around the web pointing out this hypocrisy; and here’s the rub: Hayden knows it’s an issue. Here’s a quote from earlier this summer,

“‘Why am I selling it? [her Porsche Cayenne SUV] Because I feel like a bad human being, and I hate to say this, but when you’re an actor and in the spotlight, people watch what you do, people watch what you drive, watch what you say. And it feels to me — I’m into charities and into those kind of things — so I feel like if I’m trying to make a change and everything else and voice my opinion, then at least I can be driving a good, healthy car.’”

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the actress has taken her own advice and she continues to be  berated every time she’s caught filling up at the pump. So Hayden — donate or sell the SUV for charity, buy a used biodiesel beauty, and leave those criticisms behind. Better yet, invest in an electric car, grab a solar array for charging, and impress the hell out of us with a zero emissions strategy to save the world! Ah, life imitating art.

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  • DJ Inphinity

    Give her a break, jeeze. Let her enjoy the money a bit with a nice car. It’s not going to end the world…

  • Dana

    Maybe it’s a good sign that nobody wants to buy her SUV.

  • katy

    It’s not just that she’s driving the thing, it’s that plenty of her fans see her in it and want to emulate the style. She can influence them for good (animal welfare) and ill.

  • becky

    Hey DJ,

    You don’t seem to worried about the planet or the life on it, do you?

  • spiderwoman

    Recently,her profile was found on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named, along with blogs.I will check it out for you guys and come out with the truth soon. I just curious.

  • Steven Rushing

    Becky, if you and people like you were more worried about improving yourselves, this planet would be a much better place. We need to work on our education, our society’s morality, our family life. We need to work on reestablishing personal freedoms. We need to know the difference between to and too (which you obviously do not).

    We do not need to care whatsoever what a little girl in Hollywood is driving. The single biggest problem in America today is how focused we are on what happens there, and how much it detracts from our lives here.

    Steven Rushing

  • Pete

    I this a spoof website or are you guys actually for real? I can’t tell because some enviro-quacks almost unreal.

  • Jill

    Steve–I’m with you. Pete—I’m REALLY with you. Man, these people are ridiculous. Does anybody understand capitalism? You know, how in AMERICA (remember that great country where you have such great freedoms) when you are successful, you are allowed to be happy about it and drive whatever you want because it’s AMERICA?! Geeze.

  • michael

    You guys obviously did not read her quote. The very thing she says above is that what she is driving is distracting from the good that she’s doing for the world. She knows it’s an issue.

    And Steve, if you believe that the single biggest problem in America is celebrity gossip, than we’ve got even bigger issues than I thought.

  • Mike

    You guys don’t get it. You can do nothing. You are not in charge here. Let her drive it, and quit trying to manage other people’s lives!

  • Eric

    Global Warming activists = Alarmist fools

  • Lucy

    Perhaps she has bought carbon credits to offset the emissions. I think that this is a great world in which AL Gore can fly around in a private jet and tell us that we need to do more to help save the world. His flying is not a problem because of the carbon credits he buys from his own company which they use to plant trees that they where going to plant anyways but now they don’t have to pay for it..I guess I am going of topic but I am happy to see that capitalism is very much alive. God bless America!

  • http://GlennBecks Allison

    My feelings are that if you talk the talk… you need to be prepared to walk the walk. Gore and Hayden, as well as others who enjoy the “limelight of caring” need to set by example. Too many want to appear to be saviors of the world, animals, etc. – but – just want to “write the book”.

  • Ryan

    Waah wah wah.

    Hayden, Gore, DiCaprio and every other self-righteous eco-Marxist make their livings practically shouting people down for how bad they are … acting like they’re better than everyone else … engaging in name-calling and character assassination. So I feel absolutely no sympathy for this girl. She could – personally – cry me a river of blood and I wouldn’t blink.

    Congratulations, Hayden, for buying into the latest Hollywood fad. Maybe you might want to change occupations.

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  • amy

    i am more surprised to see her pumping her own gas than anything else