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11-5-07-gresso_lopez_drive.jpgSomeone over at SONY BMG Music thought it would be a great idea to team up with the Adam & Eve brand and create a flash USB key made from the threatened wood of a tree in Africa. How they managed to get the product out the door without Lopez suggesting a gift bag made from the skins of puppies is beyond me.

This new USB flash drive — containing the entirety of Jennifer Lopez’s new album Brave — is made from African Blackwood. According to Wikipedia, the tree is severely threatened in Kenya and needing attention in Tanzania and Mozambique. Not only are they being harvested at an increasing rate, but their slow growth of over 60 years to maturity means they are incredibly susceptible to unsustainable management.

SONY should be embarrassed for agreeing to create such a worthless and wasteful music tie-in. We can’t truly fault Lopez, since she’s probably out trapping foxes and tearing the skin from pythons — but we’re pretty sure she’d have the power to do something if she cared. Fortunately, with a price tag of $70 for the key and J Lo’s new album, sales of this item will probably do little damage. Let’s just hope Beyonce doesn’t decide to follow suit.

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  • Brady

    When I read this, I got all ticked. One more reason to hate J.Lo. But then I looked on the World Conservation Union’s site, and they are saying the wood is not threatened.

  • michael

    Hmm…good find. Could that info be outdated? Here’s another source saying it is threatened:

  • Emily

    She’s hag anyway. I can’t remember the last song of hers I heard that I actually liked. So I won’t be purchasing her album…regardless of her blatant disregard for the planet.

  • becky

    I’ve never liked her music. EVER.

  • The Stylish Vegan

    Now that’s a funny post. I love the puppy part.

  • Crafty Green Poet

    Well I’ve never liked her music, but lots of people do and she is a role model of sorts. It seems a bizarre idea and one that hasn’t been thought through with any regard for the environment.

  • Kevin

    1rst) Brave is a nice album
    2nd)this post its obviously written by a hater (doesnt have any relevance to me)
    3rd)i love trees and everything…but that is NOT an official product…

  • Darryl Monks

    Grow up you stupid haters! If all you have to do during your pathetic little lives is trash other people then you deserve your meaningless cycles you call a life! Jennifer is an extremely talented artist and the most beautiful person (both inside and out) and role model around! Her new album is a dedication of love and has not been given a true chance! Leave her alone, and if you that concerned bout the environment go plant a tree and pick up some trash!

  • Perplexed

    “a flash USB key made from the threatened wood of a tree in Africa”

    Ok, maybe someone can help direct me to somewhere that could explain what the heck that is suppose to be? Is her music sold on a USB flash drive made out of wood? Cased in wood? Is the paper package made from the wood of this tree?

    I looked up “Adam and Eve Brand” but decided work is not the place to research that site, and I can’t find any other reference to lumber-related computer components on sony’s site. Are we even sure that the endangered trees are being endangered by the music industry?

  • D.Andrews

    This is the worse blog i have ever come across. This is so stupid…those trees arent even endangered. This michael person needs to do some research!!

  • michael

    Huh? I never said it was endangered, just that it was threatened. For more sources (since you’re obviously eager to perform research) check Google. Here are a few to get you started:

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  • Dana

    Darryl Monks:”Grow up you stupid haters!”

    If Jennifer wasn’t hating animals and the environment, we wouldn’t be hatin her.

    Sad that we’re losing such precious trees to silly trinkets like this key.

  • aleksandra

    J.L. deserves to be hated for all the damage she is doing to earth and animals too. to all of you conscious consumers, please do not forget to boycott her ‘fashion’ lines as well. .
    great article Michael…..and who cares if the tree is endangered… sure deserved better then to grace her album covers.

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  • chido

    i did not manage to listen the whole item but the track i gotta be there has to be credited its really tight