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tdk-still-10.jpgI couldn’t be happier that Batman continues to somehow show up on our radar. We’ve profiled the noise pollution and the toxic water — now, the filming of The Dark Knight is facing another battle with Hong Kong residents: All-Night Lights!

That’s right kids, the caped crusader is pissing off environmentalists because of filming requests asking tenants along a waterfront to keep their lights on all night for a week — to better show off the city’s glass and steel skyline. Obviously, during the a time of increased environmental awareness, people aren’t too thrilled to be wasting that much energy. From the article,

“In a letter sent to tenants and management companies in 60 buildings, October Pictures Ltd., the Hong Kong company handling production of ”The Dark Knight,” said director Christopher Nolan loved Hong Kong’s glittering skyline and wanted to show it off in his film. October Pictures manager Chu Chen-on asked the building managers to have residents switch on all lights and signboards during the shooting period.”

As a former resident of Hong Kong, I can attest that the skyline is indeed incredible; but as many have questioned, why not just add lights in post-production? ”We welcome the filming of Batman in Hong Kong, but why do we need to keep the lights on to make the backdrop? It seems like film-making is coming before environmental protection,” Gabrielle Ho, a project manager at conservation group Green Sense, told The Associated Press. We believe producers are able to create the same effects via post-productions works, but instead they are asking us to turn on so many lights, wasting so much energy,” Ho said.

Keeping lights on all-night for a week seems rather ridiculous. Couldn’t the producers perhaps request one night and shoot stock footage to composite with other scenes? While I cringe to recommend offsets here, October Pictures should take it upon themselves to recognize the environmental impact and make amends; especially with all the press these eco-battles are getting. Wouldn’t Batman prefer the dark?

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