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rides4_1.jpgWith the all-electric Tesla Roadster rapidly approaching an actual consumer launch, the “can’t wait” expectations of those on the waiting list is reaching a fever pitch. As part of their Customer Drive program in October, Tesla wanted to reassure those in line that the car was in fact coming and offered to provide some prototype test drives to prove as such. One of those lucky enough to get behind the wheel was Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Michael ‘Flea’ Balzary. Below are some of his comments regarding the experience,

“I get into it and pull away from the curb……dead silence wow!!!!…. man it was unbelievable. it drove like nothing i have ever been in before, made my porsche feel like a golf cart! It took off like a rocket ship, handled so sensitively, it was just amazing and fun and thrilling. I am so happy i went with my gut and bought that car. Yeah it is a long wait, but man, the thing is awesome. The silence makes ya feel like you are floating, and it just rocks, it was the funnest car, i have ever been in, with the possible exception of Hillel Slovak’s Datsun B210 in 1979, he was the only guy i knew who had a car, and we listened to lot of zeppelin in there….To enjoy driving as much as is possible in that Tesla, and to pollute nothing, no emissions, into the air, is a great great feeling.”

Flea is also using solar power in his new home and plans on charging his new Tesla (which will probably come sometime early 2008) with clean, green power. Nice. For a great new video of the Tesla in action, check out this clip from Mahalo Daily!

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  • George Marban

    Wow, I love it that Nikola Tesla’s work still lives on. I hope we can all one day drive electric cars and that all our power comes from wind, hydro, and clean burning power plants. I also hope that soon we will all learn from 3rd world countries who utilize their rain water collected from roof tops as a regular water supply for the home. The idea that we can all have little or no affect on this planet is not far fetched, I hope we can all teach our children the importance of not settling for less and going above and beyond the call of duty. The alarm has gone off, hopefully we won’t place our newly found values and envrionmental concerns on the back burner. We seem to that to everything and anything in our lives, let’s kick this bad habbit. Congrats on the car, now put an escort shell on it and lets start selling it to the working class. Peace

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  • Tyler

    Thanks for linking to our recent Tesla video at Mahalo Daily!
    Nice blog you guys got here, will be watching!

  • Butch

    Go Flea! His talent for green is only surpassed by his talent for music!

  • Mr. Know-it-All

    Tesla who? This company is imploding, still doesn’t have a car on the market (after years of continued missed deadlines), and Ecorazzi keeps writing about the most impractical battery EV, next to the Fetish. Bravo!