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sa07_logo_stacked.jpgOrganization Film Independent has announced plans to turn the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards into a zero waste event. The event is a celebration honoring movies made by filmmakers who embody independence and who dare to challenge the status quo. Film Independent’s goal is to show that going green does not mean a completely changing one’s lifestyle. In the same way that weve worked towards raising the publics awareness of independent film, we want to now take a leadership position in demonstrating how some simple changes can impact everyones world for the better, ” said show producer, Diana Zahn-Storey.

What are the eco-friendly initiatives being put into action? From the release,

” In addition to in-home streaming of films and voting online, additional efforts include the use of bio-diesel fueled generators and the recycling of numerous items including all food scraps, AstroTurf, wood, and plastic. All printed materials distributed for the awards including the award show program book, which will include 10 tips for greening your film production will be produced on 100% post consumer recycled paper using eco-friendly, soy-based inks. In addition, Film Independent will provide a ride-sharing program for those planning to attend the ceremony, which will be available on The catering, provided by Along Came Mary, will solely use organically grown produce purchased from local farms within a 150 mile radius of Los Angeles.”

Nice. What I love about this is that the word “carbon credits” isn’t used once. Too often, award shows dangle the green label by offsetting the event and then not doing much to actually reduce or divert waste. Hats off to the Spirit Awards for actually putting some real effort into reducing their impact.

:: Press Release via The Lohasian

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