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chris-noth.jpg“I don’t think there’s one Republican I’d ever vote for. In terms of their corruption and their insensitivity to what’s really needed in our society, they’re repugnant. There may be a few good ones out there, but I haven’t read of any.

Whenever you bring up the issue [of global warming] with them, they’re like, ‘Let’s wait and see what the facts are.’ If we’re going to drill for oil, we should get on Crawford [Bush’s ranch in Texas] and put some oil wells there! I think this administration has been probably the biggest tragedy in the history of the United States.”

Chris Noth speaking with US Magazine at the at the Rainforest Action Network’s celebration at The Plumm in NYC, November 10

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  • david

    agree 100%

    democrats should be more welcoming to conservatives who are also conservationists. a lot of evangelicals see an obligation to protect the earth. Republicans have a deep seated hostility to all things environmental. Screw them.

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  • layla

    What an uninformed fool. President Bush’s Crawford ranch has been proven to be more eco-friendly and Green than former Vice President and Global Warming champion, Al Gore’s mansion. Why isn’t Noth beating Gore up about that? It’s the intellectual dishonesty of those like Noth that make it harder for the rest of us who really care about living Green to get our message out to all people regardless of political stripe.

    As one who does live Green, I find most Hollywood types only pay lip service to living Green. Most of them are jetting across the globe burning hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel, endangering and polluting the lands they shoot their films on and don’t get me started on their super mansions ( and multiple homes and cars) that use more energy to operate than a small town uses.

    Aside from a stellar few like Daryl Hannah and Ed Begley, most of the “Green” (for now) Hollywood stars are a pathetic, hypocritical bunch who are Green because it’s trendy to be so now not because they really believe in the cause.

  • brewski

    The energy savings at the Crawford ranch pale in comparison to the environmental damage and land laid to waste by the policies of the the Bush administration. Furthermore, the inaction and global-warming denying by Bush, the Republican policy makers, and the embedded corporate interests has only brought us closer to the brink of global environmental disaster.

    Rant all you want about how you live a better life than the ‘Hollywood types’. It’s only a ploy to divert attention away from the key issues.

    There is no justification for the failed policies of Bush and his cronies.

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