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richie-madden-400-020907.jpgNicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden have started their own charity — The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation — to benefit mothers in need. Apparently, Richie’s baby shower is this Sunday and she’s asked all attendees to give cribs, strollers, and stuffed animals to the foundation in the place of personal gifts. From the release,

“Nicole would like to invite friends, family and fans across America to participate in the moms-in-need program and highly publicized baby shower. The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation will create and promote an online registry to inspire the purchases of items for moms and their families in need. Anyone in the country will be able buy from the registry on her behalf for the clinic. The registry link will live on the Richie Madden Children’s Foundation website for at least six months and will be updated regularly based on the needs of the LA Free Clinic and other participating clinics.”

Said Richie of her decision to form the foundation, “I want my child to look up to me and be proud of me.” We can’t argue with that. Nice work.

Now if only she could erase those Simple Life episodes…

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  • BABA

    that’s a great Idea. but, so many people might scums this New charity foundations services. I do know many people have already getting WIC checks to buy a cheap stuff from the markets then get a Cash changes from the cashiers then keep it themselfs!!!!! jeez.
    R they really feeding Kids from the WIC CHECKS? Nope! kIDS are almost starved & negrected then being sick frequently. I wonder how do they check back grounds of those people who is in need of help or the scum artists. those problems are totally ignored with WIC. Now, How do they improve the situations? i have no clues. Good Luck, I do think Nicole’s intensions are Bieutiful & Pure. but, there are dark clouds ahead… BABA is worried.LOL

  • Shannon

    I think that Nicole and her man’s idea to start a charity is friggin amazing!!! I love it soo much and I am soo happy that they found a way to help others!! I think it’s so wonderful!!WOW! Nicole you great God Bless you and your boyfriend and your expected baby!! It is awesome how you want to change so your baby will have a good role model to look up to!!:)