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stars-hayden-panettiere-400a101106.jpgUh oh, watch out! The Japanese are pissed at Hayden Panettiere for revealing the secret location of thousands of captured dolphins — and subsequently protesting their slaughter. The Heroes star is apparently wanted by Japanese authorities for questioning and an arrest warrant has been issued. From the article,

“She says, ‘I learned today that I have an arrest warrant out for me in Japan because of what I did for Save the Whales.’ And the beauty is not scared of being sent to jail – because they’d have to catch her first. She adds of the incident’s repercussions, ‘Potentially jail, but I doubt it… I guess they could come here and get us, but probably not.'”

Panettiere was part of a group from the organization Save The Whales. You can check out a video from the BBC on their campaign in Japan here.

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  • Ruby

    You go girl. Now you are TRULY MY HEROE… Nobody has the right to treat animals in that way….

    Take care, be strong and don’t step back…

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  • save the animal kingdom group

    hayen is and shall always be our superhero and fuck these japanese officials they are lower than dirt!

  • david

    it may sound crazy, but she would get a lot of publicity if they arrested her. japan might be in an uproar over it, might actually get it stopped.

  • Mr. Know it All

    Hayden should be commended and US officials publicly condemning Japan’s barbaric practice of needlessly killing our fellow mammals. Someone nominate Hayden for an award that really brings attention to the plight of our friendliest of sea creatures…

    Not to mention that she is sizzling HOT!

  • Andrea

    A very similar situation is happening in Canada, with observers of the annual slaughter of harp seals for their fur being arrested for supposedly coming too close to the sealing boat, though their videotape shows they were not violating the observer regulations. The Japanese government and the Chinese government should be working to stop these unnecessary marine mammal slaughters instead of threatening to arrest peaceful observers who are trying to make the world aware of what is happening.