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340010.jpgNot a lot of people like Heather Mills — even after appearing on Dancing with the Stars — and I’m not sure if it’s because she seems a little cold, is the center of a media-fueled hate-campaign, or both. Either way, there’s no denying her passion for supporting the rights of animals and a vegan lifestyle. But let’s get to the rats…

Yesterday, Mills arrived at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park to give a lecture on how eating meat and dairy is contributing to global warming and harming the earth. From the onset, Mills did her case absolutely no favors by arriving in a mileage-challenged Mercedes 4×4 SUV. Nice move. Once inside, she started her speech saying,

“‘Why don’t we drink rats’ milk, cats’ milk or dogs’ milk? The startling truth is that animals farmed for meat and dairy are now one of the greatest threats to the planet. The United Nations last year issued a shocking report on the environmental damage being done by livestock. I became a vegetarian for health reasons. Then I found out about the awful animal abuse in factory farms and dairy herds and became a vegan. The easiest and most effective way of cutting our contribution is to change our diet and go vegan. It is that simple.'”

Now, I have the feeling that just like Sheryl Crow’s one toiler paper square comment, this one is going to be taken a bit out of context. We don’t really believe that Mills is advocating for rats’ milk consumption just as much as we don’t believe her main goal is to combat global warming. She’s using it as a device to discourage the factory farming of animals — and that’s fine. But with the SUV and rats’ milk comment — do you think anyone will take her seriously?

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  • Tede

    No I don’t think anyone will take her seriously for the reasons you mentioned. Not only did she drive up in an unecofriendly car, but she left it running. And what about the billboards with her huge face all over the UK. How will that support the cause. It’s a worthy cause and much debate is warrented, she is just the wrong person to be involved in it.

  • John

    This woman is a kook and doesn’t deserve the press she receives. The best thing we can all do is ignore her!

  • Happy57

    This American female is so thankful that this crazy person belongs to England.Who could ever take this crazy Heather serious

  • John Bailo

    Heather: Well there’s rat pie, rat pudding, rat sorbet, and uh, strawberry tart.

    World Community: Strawberry tart?

    H: Well, uh, it’s got some rat in it.

    WC: How much?

    H: Six. Rather a lot really.

    WC: I’ll have a slice without so much rat in it.

  • Anne

    She actually makes a good point…why are people comfortable drinking milk from cows but recoil at the idea of drinking milk from other animals? Milk from any animal is meant for its young, not for human consumption.
    And it is that consumption which is contributing to the rapid decline of our environment. So if you are really, truly concerned about the planet, go vegetarian! It’s the most basic, simple lifestyle choice you can make…and it has far more of an impact than anything else you can do!

  • Diggy Zazz

    What about drinking Heather’s milk? Her ex didn’t like it:

    but that doesn’t mean that others may not enjoy a sip.

  • Andrea

    It’s an important message, both the cruelty and environmental destructiveness of factory farming and our high consumption of meat and dairy need to be discussed. I just read that the average American eats 1.6 times more meat each day than the government recommended daily average (and many health experts believe the government recommendation is quite generous). Fortunately, there are a number of less controversial celebs that are promoting awareness on this, like Moby and Alicia Silverstone.

  • becky

    She’s nuts…..completley nuts.

  • sami

    She’s deranged and nasty.

  • Lucy

    Her problem could be that she’s so passionate about certain issues that she often comes off as nuts. But she makes a good point about milk. Not only for the environment but for the one’s own health it’s better to cut out dairy and meat. I did that and feel so much better.

  • Mimi

    Here’s a thought: More birth control, less people, less factory farming, less mercedes benz SUVs.

  • Selah

    Michael wrote: “We don’t really believe that Mills is advocating for rats’ milk consumption just as much as we don’t believe her main goal is to combat global warming.”

    I believe her. I believe she’s very concerned about global warming. It’s really easy to make judgment calls about what Ms. Mills motivation is, but is it fair? Is it accurate? I don’t think so.

    I’d like to think that each and every contributor to ecorazzi is sincerely concerned about global warming, but that would be a jump for me, considering that not all of the contributing editors are vegans at best, or at least vegetarians. Michael, are you a vegetarian?

  • Bill Henner

    Agricultural prices are being driven higher by feedlot demand. A vegan world would mean plenty of food and lower prices.


  • Allena

    I agree that going vegan would do the most good, however, I don’t agree it’s “simple” nor “easy”. Guess I’m just an old dog/new trick sort of person. I went vegetarian at about age 28 and find it difficult. I would say go vegg first, and then take that next vegan step.

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