Kevin WallKevin Wall, the founder of Live Earth, has become an eco-celebrity in his own right having broken the record for the most viewers to watch an entertainment event at one time – chances are, you were one of those 2 billion people. “It’s a little surreal, I really prefer not to be [a celebrity]. We want to continue make this cause a topic of conversation.”

Wall intends to build upon his influence in orchestrating every government of the world to come together, negotiate and ratify a treaty for environmental change by 2010. Go get ‘em, Kevin!

In the meantime, a Live Earth DVD and a Live Earth CD will be available for sale in two weeks worldwide. The DVD has three parts: onstage performances, a behind-the-scenes documentary of creating and greening the show, and a collection of 20 short films that were made for the event. The CD/DVD package will feature Linkin Park, Metallica, Madonna, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, Kelly Clarkson, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Beastie Boys, Keith Urban, Rihanna and many more. Sounds like the perfect ecorazzi holiday gift!

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  • Robin Claire

    He’s a great guy! I really hope that he will make some headway, god knows we need it.

  • omnipotentveggieboy

    This 2 billion figure was pulled out of the air before the event and should be disregarded. Live Earth’s worldwide TV and online metrics are anyone’s guess! Not that I don’t want global awareness for such a campaign to succeed, I’m tired of the media using this 2 billion figure without fact-checking first and also frustrated by the fact that the venues didn’t abstain from meat – one of the major sources of pollution.

  • Walter Anderson

    I would like to discuss some ideas that I have which I feel would be very beneficial in the effort to begin stabilizing the effects of green house gases. We have heard a lot about the problems that we are going to have, but nothing about concrete steps to slow down the onset of global warming. I think that all of the nations brainpower should be enlisted and all ideas be given some critical thought. I am a controls engineering person with lots of experience in the power and chemical business. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss some of my ideas with people that are interested in beginning the process of stabilization and eventually reversing global warming. The ideas that I have can be put in place immediately, as with all things there is a cost, but the cost can be recouped in the space of two years after the installation is completed, then the funds can be reinvested in another site. This cycle can continue until every site in the US has been completed and then we can go to the rest of the world beginning with Canada and Mexico.

    The average cost for each site is $300,000. with an ROI of 2 years.

    Thank -you for your consideration in advance.

    Walter W Anderson
    706 564 9602
    pager 888 917 0129