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john_rich.jpgJohn Rich of the popular country music band Big and Rich has lost his fur. The musician was blasted by fans after wearing a full fur coat during his performance at the 2007 CMA Awards. Joining in the criticism, PETA sent Rich a letter explaining how foxes are killed for such coats and included a link to Pamela Anderson’s short video on the subject. Below is Rich’s response to PETA’s letter:

“My management wanted to respond to your email, but I opted to respond personally, as I am a rather direct kind of man. I would like you to please forward my apologies to any of your members that are fans of Big and Rich that took offense to me wearing a fur coat on the CMA awards. Trust me, it was never my intent to upset anyone. Also, if any of the world class designers that you mentioned in your previous email would like to send me full length faux fur coats, I would be happy to wear them, and when asked by the press or fans, tell them it is a faux fur. I do not agree with many of your organization’s views or tactics, but I do respect your passion for animal rights, as I am an animal lover as well. I appreciate your willingness to address me on this subject.”

Good on ya, Rich! Though I ‘d rather you drop the fur altogether, faux fur is a fine alternative if that’s your style.

via PETA

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  • Sarah

    Good for him…it is really great to see a mature reaction like that.

  • Andrea

    You have to admire it when a celebrity can admit to making mistakes and commit to changing their ways.

    But it’s strange that somebody who professes to be an “animal lover” would think it would be okay to wear real fur, given that a full length fur coat like the one he wore requires the death of about 40 animals, for mink, or about 15 for foxes. Where do they think fur comes from?

  • lornadoone

    Wow. I’m really impressed by his statement. He manages to walk the line between complete copitulation to an organization whose views he might not completely support and being a jackass who is unwilling to listen to someone else’s suggestions. Very cool.

  • Irish

    I watched the Gone Country last night and John Rich gets out of a helicopter wearing the exact same fur coat as the one shown above,it’s a real Fox fur coat,grrrrr!

  • mt

    I don’t want to upset anyone but the show Gone Country was recorded even before the CMA’s last year. That’s why he was also wearing it in the show’s first episode.

  • Loyal Fan

    Big and Rich, you look totally hot in that red fox coat…don’t give it up….wear it more often.

  • Karen C

    He was wearing it tonight when he came on stage at Meadowbrook in Gilford, NH. I was so disgusted I left…after returning my Big & Rich T-shirt for a refund (purchased about 1/2 hour prior to the start of B&R’s set).

    I won’t buy another ticket or another CD.

    You guys have lost a huge fan :^(