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In the wake of Hayden Panettiere helping shed fresh attention on Japan’s dolphin slaughter, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is casting off to confront a Japanese Whaling Fleet. The organization, which has the backing of celebrities such as Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, and Pierce Brosnan is leaving Melbourne, Australia later this week to monitor and antagonize the Japanese. From the article,

“SSCS is repeating actions from last year. Paul Watson, captain of the SSCS ship last year, threatened to ram Japanese whalers with a giant “can opener” attached to his ship’s bow. This threat was not followed through, but society members tossed foul smelling chemicals onto the whalers’ ship decks and fixing steel plates onto the blood drain of the fleet’s factory ship.

Vasic said the organization would stop at almost nothing to help save the whales from the Japanese fleet. Vasic said: ‘Everything is on the table as long as it’s non-violent. I would rule nothing out.” He added: When we show up, the fleet tends to go on the run because of our reputation. When we’re pursuing them at high speed, they can’t hunt.'”

Japan continues to hunt whales under the guise of using such actions to study their habits. In reality, the meat generally ends up on dinner tables and is a lucrative trade for the country. Environmental group Greenpeace will also send a ship to monitor the fleet. We wish them luck in their efforts.

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    Good riddance to these guys – they make me sick. Killing those poor dolphins :(.

  • Irene Woodham

    How dare the Japanese invade a Sanctuary to slaughter whales. Whales do not die easily and the harpoon/grenade causes these gentle giants unimaginable suffering before dying. Many of the females are pregnant. It is disgusting and the Japanese, for once in their history, should admit they are wrong!

  • Geezle

    Whaling is NOT “a lucrative trade for the country”. The whaling continues only because of heavy subsidies from the Japanese government. Last year’s hunt was cut short because the factory ship “Nishin Maru” almost burned itself up. As a result, they couldn’t kill as many whales as they wanted to; nevertheless, there are still giant stockpiles of unsold whale meat sitting in freezers, even as the fleet goes out to get more.

    I have never met a single Japanese person who wants to eat whale meat. People who support whale killing here (conservative old farts, to a man) are trying to get the surplus whale meat used in school lunches. They think that the kids will start to like it if they are forced to eat enough of it.

    Most Japanese people don’t even know that their country is killing whales. It is never discussed on TV and even last year’s tragedy on their factory ship was quietly ignored by the media here. The Japanese people need to learn about whaling and what the rest of the world really thinks about it.

  • Imforthewhales

    Good luck to the Sea Sheperd and crew.

    Lets hope they drive the imperialist Japanese whalers out of the whale sanctuary.

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  • marymo75

    Anyone else notice the media coverage has almost become non existant? Fox, BBC, CNN, SKY are all covering how wonderful the Japanese Scientists are at making iluminous cats and fearless mice. I have wrote to them all, actually i’ve had quite a few people write to them all, with no response. So, it just goes to show that none of them actually give a shit. My prayers are with the SeaShepherd. And maybe Greenpeace set aside their differences and go join them as one instead of working as a seperate body. All companies that profit from the whale killing should be brought to justice. This Science could as easily been done with an old skin sample from the whales, from naturally shedded skin. And they say they have to kill them? WHY? Idiots! I will never buy another Japanese product as long as i live until they turn those boats around. Whaling in all countries should be banned forever. Go get them Seashepherd.

  • nukethewhales

    hopefully the japanese whalers will get every last whale in the ocean

  • Yoyo

    The Japanese whalers are a bunch of fucking heathens. Why doesn’t someone plant a bomb on one of those pieces of shit and blow it out the goddam water while it is in dock?? They want thier 7000 Lbs of flesh well let it be thier own damm flesh. I swear If I had the money and the resources I would blow that shit sky-high. scientific my ass…EVERYONE knows that is bullshit those motherfuckers and the chinese won’t rest until they eat every fucking endangered species on the planet –I was watching Al jazeera the other day and the chinese have MENUS of endangered species –belieiving it gives them virility to eat a Tiger’s dick in a bowl of fucking noodles….What the Fuck?!!

  • humantrash

    we are all human trash that needs to be taken off this earth forever. god values life, just not human life, and will wipe us off the face of the earth once for all for being complete failures. no human deserves life on this planet.

  • Steve Collins

    We should drop another bomb on Japan…The dirty little ignorant bastards…Whaleing is not sustanable and cannot be done humanly…And why slaughter the dolphyns….slaughter the jap bastards I say!!!

  • Bill

    Its sad the Japenese have to kill beautiful whales who bother no one. If a few of their whaling ships were sent to the bottom maybe they would think twice. So I am for arming the whales.

  • James

    Some of the comments are quite ridiculous! You want to kill a bunch of innocent Japanese who probably have never eaten whale meat in their lives just because a few whalers from Japan hunt whales?
    Since when did whales have priority over human beings?

    Whale hunting is deplorable but that doesn’t mean you can make racist comments like that.

  • http://ecorazzi Corevet

    I’m with Yoyo. I’d gladly contribute to the cause for some group or individual to put those ships on the bottom of the ocean. Hey, we all pony up enough money and hire a rouge military group to sink the bastards, either in port or warn them if the go hunting, they end up at in Davey Jones locker.

  • bri

    i have a better idea, lets not protect japan anymore. Let china get their long awaited revenge on japan. OOOOno no new cell phones. Japan sucks. Do you really think that they have forgotten the fact that we nuked them twice. this world needs less people not a huge amount of people on islands that have no way to sustain themselves. They are used to taking from others. run their boat aground(on the bottom of the ocean).