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Stop the presses! Former Married With Children star, Christina Applegate, has taken time out of her busy Samantha Who schedule to pose for a holiday themed E-card sponsored by the rock stars at PETA.

Mrs. Applegate looks stunning this holiday season wearing a pair of red gloves and…and…and…well she’s wearing a pair of red gloves. That’s right, bold and brave, Christina Applegate is shedding it all so that the animals don’t have to. The festive online card quotes, “Cross cruelty off your shopping list by avoiding fur coats, collars and cuffs (unless it’s fake of course)”, which is the perfect transition for the overly airbrushed face joke I was planning to make, but I’m gonna take the high road this time…because it’s for a good cause! So from all of us here at Ecorazzi, thank you Christina for getting nakey for the sakey of fakey. You can send your own Christina card to that special loved one here. Happy Holidays!

  • rebecca

    …”thank you Christina for getting nakey for the sakey of fakey.” LOVE IT!

    She looks awesome. I thought the fuzzy green stuff on her sleeves could be construed as a fur substitute…which I would have normally assumed they’d stay away from. But she looks great. I think they’ll have much success with that card!

  • Andrea

    Remember to check the labels on garments to see if the fur trim is real or fake. Though sometimes an item with real fur may not be labelled since items with $150 or less worth of fur do not legally require, due to a loophole in the Fur Products Labelling Act. So if there is no label stating the nature of the fur on the garment, don’t assume the fur is fake. When in doubt, skip the item and buy something you know for sure doesn’t contain animal fur.

  • mollysvegan

    Great. Just what we need. More sexualized images of women. Peta loooves to prostitute femskin for “the cause”. Such a lame and cheap and boring tactic. I don’t understand how objectifying and dehumanizing women will help further the fight for animal rights.

  • parrish

    Hola mollysvegan! Listen, I “get” what you’re saying about the whole objectifying women thing. I know that there is a sect of people out there who want to take away Ingrid Newkirk’s woman card for PETA’s recent add campaign. BUT!!! (and please know it took every inch of willpower to write “but” and not “butt”) this blogger doesn’t agree with you. Sex sells Sally and them’s just the breaks kid. It’s as obvious as global warming. As a vegan of seven years (and current PETA member), I want as many people to know about the horrific acts that occur in the fur industry on a daily basis. If Christina Applegate wants to show her naked little booty and it makes Joe Schmo pay attention for even 1 second more then I say, ” Christina, let that booty shine.” Now if PETA rereleased the Pam and Tommy sex tape with the headline, “Eat Meat, Not Meat” then I think maybe we’d have something to talk about, but Christina Applegate’s exposed neck and shoulders seem totally worth the price of admission if it causes even one person to “drop the fur” this holiday season. So I’m afraid I still must say, “When in doubt, get nakey for the sakey of fakey.”

  • dan

    hey, seeing that sexy thang brings out the caveman in me and i just want to go out and skin me a sabre tooth tiger. get real people; if you wanted to make a change in this world that really matters then crusade for abused, beaten, starved, and forsaken children or something that might actually help our decaying society instead of supporting it with a statement like “sex sells”. I love animals and don’t believe in cruelty to animals but have you ever eaten a steak or hamburger? Have you ever been to a slaughter house. You people really disgust me.

  • sabita patwardhan

    The only way to really promote veganism is to talk about facts. Fact: The milk industry is driven by the slaughter of children (calves). The cow is forced to calve several times a year in order to continuosly give milk. The milk is stolen and sent to the industry and most of the children are forced from their mother and put in a box and slayed. Shame on us.
    Becoming vegan to look good disgusts me more than I can say. Its a good biresult but WE ARE SLAUGHTERING CHILDREN. Its a icecold industry hidden by pretty commercials.

  • herwin

    its such a warm and sympathetic postcard with a great message and a lovely person. surely will inspire many people not to buy fur items.
    sabita, take a cold shower please.
    i know plenty of people who become interested in a veggie / vegan diet because of health reasons, and slowly, they become aware and interested and against the animal cruelty of their former (meat/milk, etc) diet.
    give people some space to walk the veggie road and dont chop off their head please. same for miss “another sexualised image of women” hold your horses and take a good look again. all you see on the poster is a pretty woman, no breasts (although nothing wrong with the human body) , no sexual tacky things or nasty insinuations. just an add against fur. beats me why you cant be glad that so many famous people join Peta against fur.

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  • sabita patwardhan

    I agree with you that I come off strong but it is only because the things going on are so utterly horrific. My sister and me go out and spread information on foot weekly. We go to 10 places a week on our own time and still see a lot of egoism in spite of people knowing thwe truth.

  • sabita patwardhan

    The reason that I feel strongly and always will is that I was shocked to learn at the age of 42 that calves are used as tools and slaughtered in the milkindustry. And I’m a person who loves reading and looking up info. Horrifying that this goes on and that one also uses these children in pretty commercials.
    You’re probably right that I come off strong but it’s the need to spread this out fast to since I found out as late as 42.

  • resor

    really appreciated the article that you published . it really isn’t that simple to find great text toactually read (you know really READ and not simply going through it like some zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers mate for not wasting my time on the god forsaken internet. :p