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Natalie Portman Has No Plans To Go Vegan

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natalie_portman_002.jpgIt’s easy to see why Natalie Portman is one of the more respected artists in Hollywood. The 26-year old actress not only portrays incredible characters on screen (nevermind the speed bump that was the Star Wars prequels) but also uses her power off-screen to support and promote some incredible campaigns and initiatives. The UK Observer Magazine recently sat down with the star — over a veggie lunch and tap water — to discuss her career and passion for giving back. Here are some highlights:

On not being a vegan and recycling clothing:
“She’s not a vegan, though she has been trying to phase out eggs. ‘But I don’t think I could do it. It’s really hard for traveling, especially if you want to maintain your protein levels.’ She refuses to wear leather, but will wear wool. ‘Although I don’t think I have a lot of wool clothes. And I sort of made a no-buying-anything-new rule. I just have a lot of stuff,’ she says with a tiny pout. ‘And I figured: look, if I need something, if my running shoes have holes in them and I don’t have running shoes any more, then I’ll get new ones. But you know, I have 40 T-shirts, I have 20 pairs of jeans – you get so forced into believing [that you need all this stuff]. Maybe it’s a New York thing.'”

On selecting FINCA as her charity of choice:
“‘Well, yeah, because I wanna do something meaningful. They ask you to do 4,000 charity things a year and all of them are worthy. But I don’t think you can really make an impact unless you do [just] one thing and really devote yourself. And it’s been important to me.'”

On the environment:
‘There’s this book I love called The Future of Life by EO Wilson, about the environment. It’s basically aimed at business people who just think about infinite possibilities, infinite expansion – but the earth is limited! It’s very short term to think we can just accumulate and make as much as we can. If you wanna think longer-term economically, there are better ways.’

For the full (and wonderfully long interview), jump here.

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  • Do they have fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes where you live?

  • Ramona Collins

    i really like Natalie as an actress, but i think using traveling as an excuse to not become vegan is rather lame .. i have traveled all over the world (50+ countries) plus all over the states numberous times and have been vegan .. anything is possible if you put your mind to it … gandhi, buddha, martin luther king, mother theresa.. ring a bell

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Not true. I’ve tried so many times to become vegan and my body cannot handle it, especially because I am a diabetic. My blood sugar went through the roof every time I ate something non-vegan because there are so many carbs in that kind of “natural” food. It’s unfortunate, but animal products are the only 0-carb things a diabetic can eat and not risk losing a foot or going blind. I love animals way more than people and I feel so guilty i still apologize to my food before I eat it and do everything I can to buy organic and free-range, but I would also like to LIVE so that I can continue helping abused and abandoned animals. I won’t be of any help to them if I’m dead.

      • Elizabeth, I really think you need to look at what you were eating, plus do some research. You don’t say if you are type 1 or 2 but type 2 is caused by animal products and is completely reversed with a plant based diet, and secondly where did you get that every non animal based food is full of carbs?

      • Maleficent

        I’ve never heard of any disease that requires someone to eat meat – especially diabetes. Sorry, but it sounds like a bunch of excuses and misinformation to me.

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    Animal protein is the only healthy food I can eat as a diabetic and NOT die.

    • Heather Coleman

      False. I recommend the book “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes;” it’s a completely plant-based diet program for those with the disease–both my mother and father are diabetic, are on the program, and they have not died. The basic premise is: 1) vegan diet 2) low GI foods 3) avoid fats and oils. Do some more research, I guarantee you animal protein is not the only food (I refuse to call it “healthy”) you can eat as a diabetic.

    • raveninapoe

      I concur with Heather. My boyfriend was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the spring. Since then, he has switched to a fully plant based diet plus no or very little oils (we eat a lot of avocados and nuts, and saute veggies in water). He eats a lot of vegetables especially green veggies, green smoothies, fruit, whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts, and spices. We limit processed food, focusing on whole foods. The only processed food we use are tofu, canned beans, cereal (Ezekiel, whole shredded wheat, oatmeal, or puffed kamut), salsas, tortilla wraps and tortilla chips (all used sparingly). He doesn’t even use artificial sweeteners, using fruit or honey to sweeten food if needed. Since then, he has lost 35lbs in 3 months without even exercising, his diabetes and blood sugar is under control, and anticipate his diabetes will be reversed within a year if he continues this path. His most recent blood test showed better results than back when he was diagnosed. He actually feels much better since before starting- he is sleeping better and longer, is walking better, he has less pain and inflammation, and he has more energy.

  • You should investigate on (Australian) wool market, the sheep get parts of their butts cut off (just like that) because of the massive inbreeding (to get more wool) the sheep have grown skin folds on their back side where flies lay their grubs that are later eating the sheep. To prevent this, farmers cut off those parts of skin, without narcosis. It’s horrible, it’s cruel and disturbing to see, the sheeps have gaping wounds that are not treated and often infected.

    Not to mention how they are shaven and often hurt in the process…

    But I have to admit, I posses two coats that are partly woollen simply because I can’t afford others and they are from my pre-vegan time.

  • Erm… We have no vegan (or vegetarian) restaurant here and I am still living. You DO have fruits’n veggies in your average store/supermarket, you can perfectly live on them, and what you wont get there can be obtained through the internet, I guess you’re not living on the Dark Side of The Moon, so you definetely have access to the internet… But nevertheless, vegetarian is a good beginning 😉

  • Shannon

    Besides what the other commenter has mentioned, the sheep are treated as a commodity. Once they reach their peak productivity, around seven or so, they are slaughtered because they are no longer economically efficient. The lifespan of sheep is generally twice that. There is plenty of information out there about the inhumane nature of textiles: wool, leather, silk, down…

  • kika mika

    old article from 2007, not worth advertising on the main page in 2013…

  • I thought she was a vegan or vegetarian at one time, no?

  • Angela DePasque

    Mary, I am in love with you right now! I have been searching for years for a straight forward, low cost vegan menu. Thank you so much for your comment. I know I can positively say now that you have “created” a new vegan! Thank you again!

  • Guest

    Yes an uninformed response. It’s really just an excuse. I am a full time musician and vegan and in Germany and manage.

  • Guest

    That’s really just an excuse. I am a full time musician and vegan and in Germany and manage.

  • Kolbeinn

    loool, PROTEIN LEVELS!!!!

  • Helen

    I don’t understand how someone as rich and famous as Natalie Portman can say that going vegan is hard – that is such a disservice to the movement! I am a regular person with a normal paying job and I can be vegan when I travel. And I travel quite a bit, too, for business. She can employ a vegan chef and bring him with her everywhere she goes and she would be fine – she definitely has the money. This is absurd! If someone like her says that she can’t do it, it gives the message to normal folks that it will be too hard for them, too. So disappointing when celebrities use excuses. Also, the protein excuse is just wrong, wrong, wrong – if she wants to maintain protein level, all she has to do is eat, eat, eat… and maybe buy some quinoa somewhere!

  • Maleficent

    She needs to educate herself about protein! Come on Natalie! You are smarter than that!

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