How many colored sheep does it take to piss off the RSPCA? Well, any number will do — but Madonna’s latest decision to dye her personal sheep blue, pink, yellow, and green for a Vogue spread is apparently too much for the animal rights group. The singer and husband Guy Ritchie claim that the dye used was harmless to the animals, but the organization is definitely losing sleep over the stunt “Animals used in this sort of publicity stunt can lead to copycats. Even if the dye used in this instance is safe for the animals, other people might copy it with a dye that isn’t safe,” said a spokesperson for the RSPCA. Talk about a baaaad move. Couldn’t resist. [hollywood rag]

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Patricia Arquette and Nathan Lane are among the movie stars who have signed up to help America’s Humane Society with Puppy Mill Action Week — which started this past Sunday. The stars are urging people to avoid buying pups in stores this Holiday season and instead seek out new friends from shelters and homes. So-called puppy mills often breed dogs in terrible conditions. Celebs this week will appear in ads on behalf of the HSUS. [starpulse]

Jon Bon Jovi will headline a concert for a children’s medical charity at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ on December 21st. The Hope Concert III will benefit The Valerie Fund, a nonprofit organization providing support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the official site. [count basie theatre]

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  • curtis

    Society could interpret anything madonna or any other Famous person does, the wrong way. Christ, i might throw myself off a horse because “I” think she meant to do it on purpose. But the fact that she used safe dye means she’s done her part. Why doesn’t rspca declare to the world that Madonna’s practice was safe and praise her for her safety instead of damning her for everything.

  • Tasmin Wakefield

    Dyeing sheep is no more worse than farmers branding their sheep with coloured dye to identify them. Have the sheep been hurt or injured I guess not. Why don’t the media look at some of the really positive things that Madonna is doing such as her Patronage to this interesting venture. Take a gander, it’s real positive stuff

  • Yvonne Magee

    To the RSPCA – I usually am completely behind everything you do, but in this instance, my thought is, ‘Get a life!’

  • Rocksee

    The problem is how animals are perceived by humans. Too many people- especially the celebrated and very visible ones- are treating their pets like accessories. Just where is that particular line to be drawn? This a cultural issue… and unfortunately our particular culture is largely shaped by our popular icons.

  • Veronica

    Are you kidding me, side with Madonna over the RSPCA? This is a woman who proudly wears fur, hunts on her own property and eats her kills, and until recently hired out her estate to others who might like to hunt the animals who reside there as well. This is just her latest affront to the humane and respectful treatment of animals. I’m sure the RSPCA keeps a close watch on that pseudo spiritual celebrated sociopath, for the aforementioned reasons.

  • Jim Edmons

    I can’t wait to dye my pet sheep after seeing this pic. Thanks

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