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As reported earlier by the exceptionally attractive, mind-blowingly charming team here at Ecorazzi, our current president (it’s so hard for me to write that), George Dubya Bush, might actually be a certified Woody Harrelson following, Ed Begley Jr. listening, Al Gore watching green head. So maybe it was baby Bush that convinced dad to try his luck at a little game of Eco Patty Cake. I mean come on, he is the decider…he decides things

This week it was reported that George H.W Bush, our forty first president, has embraced the gust with gusto and installed a 33-foot-tall windmill at his home in Maine. (Wait, so they’re not from Texas?) This Skystream 3.7 model from Southwest Wind Power is capable of producing about 400 kilowatts of power a month at a wind speed of 12 mph. To put that in perspective, an average household uses close to 600 kilowatts a month. And check this out: if your windmill produces more electricity than you use, the power company gives you a credit on your next bill for the difference. Since this is a “summer” home it’s pretty likely he’ll have enough earned credit from the winter to make it through the hot months without spending a dime-fiscally conservative to the end I suppose.

So on behalf of Planet Earth I would like to thank you Mr. Bush for being a pal and doing your part to help ensure a cleaner, healthier world. And on behalf of me I would like to say, “PLEASE STOP YOUR SON FROM RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!”