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 Some people are addicted to heroin. Some people are addicted to gambling. I am addicted to 24.  You might not suspect that a peace loving, Geneva Convention supporting vegan would purposely skip work and cancel dates just for a weekly fix of Jack Bauer saving the world, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that not only is 24 going green, but REALLY GREEN! Howard Gordon, executive producer of my favorite little guilty pleasure, has transformed 24 from your typical hour long drama, viciously gnawing on the teat of mother earth, to a progressive leader in “green” TV with the goal of eventually becoming the first carbon-neutral television program EVER!  And if you think I’m just talking about Kiefer Sutherland doing all his high speed chases in a Prius then your wrong.

Thanks to Gordon (who gives the credit to his super cool activist wife, Cambria Gordon for the inspiration), 24 is instilling a slew of eco-friendly changes to the hit Fox drama that are sure to make the inner environmentalist in everyone swoon. For instance, they’ve now switched from regular fuel to renewable-source biodiesel and all the scripts are put through post-consumer recycled paper. They’ve also had the lighting retrofitted inside the offices and given incentives to people driving hybrid cars. While they admit that no “creative compromises” will be made to the show, the producers are paving the way for eco-entertainment and redefining the term “green screen.”

All I’m saying is that if President Palmer hadn’t been assassinated by that sniper from a neighboring building who had been given orders by Christopher Henderson who was actually working for future president Charles Logan a few seasons ago, he’d be very proud.