Distinctive Assets, an entertainment marketing and corporate gifting company (typing that makes me feel rich), is putting together a “gift box” for celebrity parents full of various odds and ends for their kiddies this holiday season. Some of the celebrities selected include, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and Will Ferrell. In a step towards the “green” direction, Distinctive Assets has selected Farmerkids Organics, a NYC based organic kids clothing and accessory company, to participate by donating one of their organic cotton shirts or hand-stitched hats to the mix.

Farmerkids Organics boasts a product that is unbleached, pesticide-free and is made right here in the ol’ USA. The products are simple in nature and packaged with scraps of cotton, recycled paper bags and hemp cords to tie it all together-proving you don’t have to sacrifice Mother Earth for baby Pitt.  To organify the little tyke in your life you can check out their whole line here.

  • Carlos Chiossone

    If in NYC over December, see Farmerkids Organics at The Union Square Holiday Market.

  • Sylvia Boykin

    Why are they putting together gift baskets, for the overly popular,and extremly wealthy? If these people wanted this product they could well enough purchase it. Why not instead, donate to the less fortunate. As aconsumer, I am more drawn to companys who give, and i mean to people who really need it.But as for this lot, i couldnt be more turned off. I will not be a future customer.

  • http://www.carry-a-bag.com Sally Walton

    I’m sorry to sound like such a kill-joy but WHY? These people are seriously rich, why on earth give them free stuff? It’s an insult to all the less well-off people who try and live ethical green lives and
    do the right thing.

  • parrish

    Ladies, I totally feel your pain here. It seems silly to give more to those who already have so much. That is actually how I originally approached the article, but then I rethought and rewrote. It’s no secret that in this day and age the world looks to celebrities to lead the way. And no matter how you feel about that, it’s still the truth. The ultimate goal is more people buying products that help to promote a better world. By Farmerkids donating their clothes to the famous, it will hopefully spread the word to people who weren’t previously aware that natural alternatives are available, and in the end lead to more business for eco-groovy companies…which I think we all would love to see. Sometimes you have to play the game to win the game and it when it comes to the health of our planet it’s imperative that we win.

  • Kathleen

    I agree- it’s a fact of life that celebrities drive product sales- we’ve become a celebrity obsessed culture. Celebrities aside, I’m just glad people are beginning to realize the importance of eco-friendly children’s wear and toys – especially with all the toy recalls lately. Better.tv had a great video on eco-friendly toys/diapers, etc that might help for xmas shopping- http://better.tv/bettertv/?cid=713332318&lid=687029762&tid=1267613013&ordersrc=rafbettertv

  • Carlos Chiossone

    Parrish thank you for your comment!

    The idea of sending gifts, not “donating” to celebrities is because they set the trends that a high percentage of our population follows. As what we want to do is make people aware of “green” health and environmental issues, we send PR releases such as the one from which this article came about.

    Now, no one ever publishes any news about Farmerkids Organics donating a part of our Holiday Market proceeds to buy flocks of chicks from Heifer International. Also no one mentions that we do donate items to several organizations, we do give back to the community, one recent being Wellness in the Schools, a non profit organization to help out with the health, food and eco issues in public schools of NYC.

    So what are we to do? we need to promote “organic” via celebrities so people pay attention.

    But I do thank all of you who think that it is ridiculous that we need to go about it this way and I beg of you to promote “green/organic” in your own communities.

    Carlos Chiossone
    co-owner of Farmerkids Organics

  • parrish

    Awesome Carlos! As a NYC resident I’ll make sure to check out your booth at the Union Square Holiday Market. Keep rockin the green!

  • http://www.purpleheartcandles.com Carrie

    I can’t get enough of this family…so precious! With the amount of press they get, I’m glad the green, organic companies are getting some help out of it.

  • Ming

    Fame is an Asset. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, and others have use their fame to highlight issues to the masses. If you don’t need them to do so, good on you. But for lots of people, having someone familiar explain things, show the lead, make it look cool.

    People who talk about giving quietly don’t understand that ALL charities, ALL causes, need to be promoted, need to be publicised to be successful. Just look at the latest Make It Right project. If Brad Pitt weren’t successfully beating the PR drum, do you honestly think that global green’s Matt Peterson, fine and good man though he is, is going to attract donations adding up to 65 homes to date and also the services of 12 world renown architects, invitations to Charlie Rose, GMA and Larry King live??

    BTW, I think the Jolie Pitt family are gorgeous.