yobo.jpgIs Chevrolet making Hollywood’s elite a little gassy? Looks like it! On December 2nd, the Kodak Theater in L.A will be receiving a eco-facelift as they host the Movies Rock event- a two hour star-studded bonanza celebrating the historic ties between music and film. Why in the world should you care? BECAUSE THEY’RE DOING IT GREEN STYLE BABY!!! Sorry, I get excited! This year, celebrities such as Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Harrison Ford and Charlize Theron will be pulling up in a new line of automobiles that promote Chevy’s recent commitment to a “Gas-Friendly to Gas-Free” initiative.

Oh, but it gets better…much, much better. Instead of the same old red carpet (boring) entrance with Joan and Melissa Rivers screaming their face off (literally, Joan River’s face is falling off), Movies Rock is taking it to the next level-the green level. Conde Nast Media Group- a powerhouse in publishing and a Movies Rock sponsor- will be making a $25,000 donation to various environmental causes and will provide a 100 percent recycled green carpet (literally, the color green) for all of those fine famous feet to trample upon.

So in the spirit of Movies Rock I’ll close with that famous line: “I drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee ran dry.” Well if Chevy keeps this up and helps to reduce on global warming, maybe next time that levee won’t be so damn dry. Keep it mean. Keep it clean. Keep it green! The television special will air later next week on CBS.

  • http://www.authenticindulgences.com/ Butch

    It’s nice to see big names like these in a news article that’s NOT about a DUI, or drugs, but something actually newsworthy. Way to step up everyone!