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url2.jpgMuch like Clint Eastwood earlier this year, Donald Trump’s plans to develop a massive new golf course have been given the boot due to environmental concerns. The business tycoon was set to move forward on the new project along a stretch of remote and beautiful coastline in Aberdeen, Scotland — but was stunned when the town council voted against him. From the article,

“Opponents of the development said sand dunes at the Menie Estate, 25 kilometers (15 miles) north of Aberdeen, should be protected as the habitat of rare birds such as Lapwings, Redshanks and Skylarks. The vote is the latest hurdle in Trump’s four-year odyssey to turn a stretch of sand dunes north of Aberdeen into a 1 billion pound (€1.4 billion, US$2.1 billion) golf resort complete with two 18-hole courses, a luxurious 450-bedroom hotel, 950 vacation homes, 36 golf villas and 500 upscale homes costing from 400,000 pounds (€557,000, US$827,000) to more than 1 million pounds (€1.4 million, US$2.1 million) each.”

So how about that? These victories of environment over money are few and far between in today’s age. To say “no” to development of this size in favor of retaining ageless beauty and preserving the ecology of a region is highly commendable. To piss off Trump in the process is even better. Well played, gents. Well played.

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  • Lawrence Arbicadia

    George Sorial “Your Fired”. Word on the street is that Trump’s little man “little mini me” has been called back to New York headquarters and threatened with “your fired” from the DOnalds. Sorial was given this osition as a payback for a favor of lying for Trump a couple of years ago in a criminal lawsuit. Sorial left a small town lawfirm protecting farm animals and went to work for Donald, as long as he does what Donald says. However, Donald knows he messed up, giving a 1Billion deal to a man that can’t even save his own marriage to gay Billionare Paul Metros. Trump has told George to stop the loving start getting meaner. Problem is that the man is too shrot and too small to handle us Scotts. Congratualtions on winning and Trumping Trump.

  • James Walker

    I think that it was a very poor judgment on behalf of our council representatives for one of the biggest long term developments in Aberdeen to be rejected like this. In another 30 years Aberdeen will be just like Fraserburgh or Peterhead forgotten cities when the fish was gone, and Aberdeen will be the same when the oil is gone and you just need to look around Aberdeen and see the empty offices and empty units in the Industrial Estates it is just starting to be noticeable now as numerous oil companies start to head away to Russia and Asia to extract more lucrative and accessible oil.
    But then again in 30 years Aberdeen will manage to survive with the dunes, you could have dune walks, dune watching, dune jumping, I am sure the international global tourists will turn up in there droves for dune jumping finals.

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  • Aberdeen Bathroom-Big Bubble Bathrooms 1 Beaconhill house, Aberdeen AB13 0HT

    There’s being green and making green look dumb,this matter fell into the 2nd in a big way.Here you have the opportunity to keep the economy in Aberdeen bouyant and the dimwits look to the sky(or the birds) for a reason to make themselves feel powerful.Make no mistake they couldn’t care less about the birds they wanted to look powerful against one of the most powerful men in the world,very pathetic.I thought I’d update this post with the delightful news that all the councillors who tried in vain to stop this well needed economic boost were sacked!
    I’m all for helping the enviroment but as usual people take things too far,yeah give up the opportunity of a lifetime so some birds can live there 3 months a year.
    This wasn’t an enviromental victory over money it was a handful for clowns seeking glory,but thankfully they all got the boot and the course is now approved.