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A while back, we had Tom Hanks promoting the benefits of his electric Scion while driving it and now comedian Jay Leno has followed suit with a in-depth look at his BMW Hydrogen7. Leno received the car (along with a host of other high-profile individuals, like Will Ferrell) as part of a test program with BMW to try out the new technology.

As you’ll see below, Jay is pretty jazzed about the vehicle’s ability to switch between hydrogen and standard petrol on the fly. He gushes about never having to worry about looking for a hydrogen re-filling station in an emergency since gasoline is still an option. He’s also pretty bold in predicting that a hydrogen infrastructure should come pretty quickly; something I personally believe will take a lot longer with prices for both the car, hydrogen, and technology in general still beyond the rest of us.

It’s a great look, however, at something available right now — and flex-fuel friendly. I do think Leno went a bit far at the end by stereotyping the green movement saying, “We’re going to go get a tofu salad, save some animals, and put on our earth shoes.” Great. Nothing like turning people off to green ideas by wrapping them up in sentences like that.

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  • lee

    Yay Jay!! i love the fact that he mentions how BMW has been doing it (explosion free) for 25 years now …and the anti- Hyndenberg myth, go Jay go!!

  • milto

    This video (or the presenter shall I say) makes you feel like everything is fine. Soon they’ll be no more emissions when it comes to cars. But if I am not wrong we are far but very far from it. Very very far from it.

  • Mr. Know-it-All

    See comments about Jeremy Piven (we all love Ari Gold!) being duped by BMW. Did Jay really drink the exhaust from the BMW? The BMW is not a zero emission vehicle like the hydrogen fuel cell (100% electric) Honda FCX Clarity.

    Beat-up BMW for getting the braindead Hollywood airheads into this totally senseless car that only makes the hydrogen future look even further away.


  • Howard Jeter

    Some coments on the BMW hydrogen7 test drive by Jay Leno.

    Popular Mechanics article on Bio Fuels in the May 2006 issue.
    Popular Mechanics tested 7 cars in a drive from New York to SanFrancisco.
    I converted the test results to cents per mile.

    Here are the costs of using the various fuels given in cents per mile from
    the lowest to the highest.

    Electricity, 2.0 cents
    Natural Gas, 3.66 cents
    Gasoline, 7.09 cents
    B100 Biodiesel, 7.10 cents
    E85 Ethanol (85% “ethanol ‘grain alcohol’, 15% gasoline.), 14.16 cents
    M85 Methanol (85% “methanol ‘wood alcohol’, 15% gasoline.), 20.6 cents
    Hydrogen fuel cell, 26.8 cents

    Obviously, no one is going to buy a car that costs 26.8 cents per mile when they can get one that only costs 7.09 cents per mile.

  • Mr. Sexy


    The BMW Hydrogen 7 is an ICE, not a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. You may want to revise your fuzzy math..