victoriabeckhammtv2.jpgLet the discussions on using nude women to promote charity efforts begin! We’ve seen more celebrity ladies lately drop their clothing to support various causes (Maggie Q, Sophie Monk, Alicia Silverstone, Pippa Black) and the response has ranged from supportive to the unnecessary use of sex to sell a message. Please welcome Victoria Beckham to the club!

According to the Hollywood Rag, Posh has been signed to become the face of designer Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2008 collection and he has persuaded her to be photographed naked with the image to be used on a range of his skin cancer charity T-shirts. Of course! From the article,

“A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: ‘Victoria loves Marc’s work but she wasn’t entirely comfortable with getting naked. Marc went all-out to persuade her. And when she heard about what a great cause it was she knew she just couldn’t turn it down. The picture she and Marc have chosen is amazing – sexy but tasteful.'”

The Spice Girl will join other celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Dita Von Teese and Naomi Campbell, who all stripped for Jacobs’ T-shirts in 2006. That year, over $60,000 was raised for charity — and Jacobs is hoping even more will benefit this time around.

So, what do you think? We all know that sex sells, but should orgs be more equal in their use of women and men for such promotions?

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  • BradyDale

    They should use men if it will raise money. If it will put them in the red just so they can say they used both genders, that’s pretty stupid.

    These are good causes. If naked ladies help, awesome. People take their clothes off in front of cameras for much worse reasons, so as long as people keep doing it (and their gonna keep doing it), it might as well save the world.

    I don’t know if Posh Spice is the ideal choice, though.

  • mollysvegan

    Well, let’s see. She was hesitant, right? It took some coercion to get her to agree? So, it’s safe to assume that she didn’t/doesn’t really want to get naked, but she truly wants to participate in the campaign. It’s sad that women are usually only included in such campaigns if they agree to be sexualized and objectified. When working with large companies or non-profits, women are often expected to expose their bodies to draw attention to a cause, rather than speak out on their own terms. Interesting that this expectation is not placed on the men who participate.

  • Dana

    mollysvegan put it nicely.

    Some PETA ads do involve nudity and men, but probably not nearly as much as women.

  • kelly

    its funny that shes trying to help with skin cancer when shes a billboard for soaking up the sun