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Ever thought about grabbing a brew with Al Gore or playing canasta with Daryl Hannah? Well if you were in London this week you could have (no promise about the canasta) at the second ever Fortune Forum Summit. Never heard of it? Well, the Fortune Forum Summit is basically an event for people who have way more money than you and I will ever see to get together and donate, donate, donate in the name of c-h-a-r-i-t-y. Exactly how much cash must you have to play with the big boys? Well, just to get in the door you would have paid £1,000 and if you’d like to have seen Al Gore in the special V.I.P room, that would have set you back an additional £10,000. By the end of the night it was calculated that the 400 or so guests were worth over £100bn. You get the point.

Never afraid of big spending, this year a slew of the generous and famous came out to show their support. Some celebrities included: Daryl Hannah, Damien Rice, Jerry Hall and Christian Slater. And who exactly got the loot? The good folks at The British Red Cross, Cancer Research, African Renaissance, Water Aid and clean energy promoters Ice Circle all benefited from the night of fun.

Now there’s only one question left. Where can I sign up my charity, The Parrish Monthly Room And Board Allowance, for next year’s big show down.

  • http://Goresvisit Steve LeVine

    Was Gore supposed to announce a technological breakthrough? Did he do so? The challenge is incredible to transcend carbon fuels while becoming clean.

    Steve LeVine, author
    The Oil and the Glory (Random House)

  • Henry

    Yea, what happened to the announcement, I can’t find anything about it anywhere.

  • parrish

    Well Remy, I suppose we do what we can. Daryl drives biodiesel, you share links, I blog. I think that progress is progress, small or large. Revolutions take time.

  • FugsAnnound

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…