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Today at 11am EST, Brad Pitt will hold a press conference to announce more details of his “Make It Right” project. Over 100 green homes will be built in New Orleans over the coming months throughout areas devastated by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Back on November 9th at the Clinton Global Initiative, Pitt pledged $5 million to the project and asked others to join him in making a difference for New Orleans. (Producer and environmental philanthropist Steve Bing contributed $5 million as well.) This weekend, organizers setup big, pink houses as stand-ins for the future homes. From the article,

“The empty lots had been a neighborhood until they were scoured by surging floodwaters after the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina, then were scoured again months later by bulldozers after the houses that had stood there were deemed unsalvageable. Now big pink blocks stood everywhere.

Jolie caught up with Pitt a half-block closer to the river as he was bicycling around the surrealistic site in a gray sweatshirt and cap. He posed for a photograph with an admirer and watched the children splash their feet in a puddle. Then he peddled off.”

Brad will also appear on Larry King Live this coming Wednesday, December 5th @ 8pm to discuss the project. We’ll have more details on his press conference later on this morning!

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  • E. Godfrey

    There are so many great projects going on in New Orleans that are necessary to rebuilding hope and spirit there… for example the free clinic in the lower ninth ward that was started by nurses who gave up everything in order to give back to their community (one of them donated their house, which is now the clinic). It’s a collaboration with an arm of the California Nurses Association that provides disaster relief with volunteer nurses. All of these wonderful causes need so much help and support (see CNA website for ways to give and learn more about the clinic)… kudos to Brad Pitt and Global Green for their commitment to helping the city heal.