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britney-1a.jpgMan, what can you say about Britney Spears these days? I’m not going to pretend to have a clue as to the personal details of her current difficulties, but publicly she seems to be spiraling further downward. How does it happen that someone like Kevin Federline is suddenly the “good parent” in this drama?

Alas, Britney turned 26 this past weekend and celebrated in grand-fashion at the Scandanavian Style Mansion in Bel Air, Calif. The former pop star (and I mean that — the sun has set, folks)  received $30,000 in fur coats, a $10,000 diamond and gold ring, $4,000 in Barito brand sunglasses and various t-shirts and hair products.

The $30K in fur coats might seem a little odd until you consider who was hosting the party:  None other than Sharon Stone. (Insert lightning, thunder)

Now, we’re going to approach this story with a little caution since some sites are reporting that Spears’s jacket is faux-fur while others believe it’s the real deal.  Sharon Stone’s history leaves very little to question, as she also arrived in a full-fur coat made from a pack of foxes.

In other fur news, dlisted is reporting that Sarah Jessica Parker was also seen sporting a fur jacket at screening of Revolver last night in NYC.

Cringe: Is fur back in vogue?

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  • B.E.

    I certainly hope so. Today’s fur is so much more sleek and fashionable than the giant coats of the 80’s. Nothing can measure up!

    For the haters out there, I respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t want to get into a debate.

  • Annie

    Happy birthday to you, you belong a zoo, and now you’ve got the fur for it too.

    PS. Brit, you look a hooker

  • Dana

    Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker’s coat was fake. She’s supposedly against wearing fur, according to this New York Post’s Page Six (October 2004) blurb:

    FASHIONISTAS who griped about the wackiness of the duds Carrie Bradshaw sported in “Sex and the City” might be interested to know that Sarah Jessica Parker agrees with them. The star and new Gap model told a packed house at the New Yorker Festival over the weekend that she thought most of the kooky costumes were “pretty inappropriate.” Parker also said that, unlike Carrie, she would never wear fur, but she does share her character’s devotion to high heels — she was wearing a pair of vertiginous sequined shoes in which she claimed she could “run a marathon.”

    • Bri

      that’s great. i still say we need to stop viewing even the “Look” of it as fashionable, maybe even in HONOR of all the animals who have BEEN and who STILLA RE actually killed so people can don their carcasses

  • becky

    Why bother with fur?

  • Trish

    B.E. doesn’t want to get into a debate because she/he has nothing to debate about! Wearing dead animals is unnecessary. There are lots of ways to show you have style. Wearing fur isn’t one of them.

    See for yourself.

  • Andrea

    According to this page, Sarah’s fur is fake. Thank you Sarah:

    “Sarah Jessica Parker looks like she’s got Chewbacca on her back — but it’s fake.”

  • smartypants

    Real fur is cool. All of this anti-fur talk is a bunch of emotional drivel. The fur industry has gotten a bad rap because of PETA propaganda. In truth, the fur industry helps control population levels of wild animals which would suffer from disease, starvation, etc. without it. Native populations to this day sell furs for their subsistence. Fake fur is made with petrochemicals which are far more harmful to the environment than any real fur process. Also, there is this emotional excuse used that leather is okay “because we eat the animals” and it is a by-product of the food industry. Well, first we don’t eat all animals that are used for leather. Second, the fur industry sells meat to the pet food industry, which many of you anti-fur fanatics probably feed to your pets. Besides, from a logical perspective, if it is okay to wear an animal’s skin just becuase we eat it, then perhaps the answer to the anti-fur folks is for all of us to start eating mink and fox burgers. Would that make it alright?

    • Bri

      oh yeah it’s so cool the animals who have historically been caught in Traps. the ones skilled skinned Alive, not even dying sometimes until 10 minutes after like a peta rep wrote Gaga. you’re nothing but a Psychopath to think the torture of animals and wearing their carcasses is “cool.” emotional drivel? frankly i think you’re too sick to have any emotions left in you. Peta doesnt spit out any propaganda. they tell it like it is, which is horrible. if i were animal i’d rather die in the fucking wild then be tortured by an idiot psychopath human who then walks around flaunting my last remains… Damn yall are sick. and you dont even see it

  • common sense

    Really, who cares if Britney’s or anyone else’s fur coats is real or fake? Are there not bigger issues in this world? People have the right to wear what they want without the clothing gestapo taking over. Today it is fur coats they want; tomorrow it will be leather jackets; then it will be wool sweaters or cotton pants. Animals are great, but they aren’t people. Stop pretending they are.

    • Bri

      Yeah. Dog is just MAN’S BEST FRIEND and a hell of a lot more loyal than most people! lol you’re such an asshole. every day i’m Thankful animals arent people because theyve never done Any of the shit people have to me and you want to know something? they’ve got more moral fiber too. an animal will never backstab, judge then hypocritically claim a belief in god “who can only judge.” man’s intellectual capacities have become the most vicious beast of all, and like it’s been said:
      “Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that claim a god and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one.” you never see animals becoming serial killers or running genocides, the crusades, the Inquisition. even when wild animals kill it’s for no other purpose than survival, and they dont go wearing the carcasses like these idiot celebrities without hearts, and no brains to see how Cruel&Unusual skinning actually is, with some of the animals dying as far as 10 minutes AFTER the torture just like a Peta rep wrote the “great Gaga…” Forget them ALL. singing about love then being that fucked up they’d cost an animal who couldn’t match the evil they’ve done x

  • Lucy Baxtor

    I don’t understand the need for fur, yes ok killing animals for food, we need the vitamins but skinning an animal alive for fashion ? yeah there’s no harm in that

  • bobby

    Lucy, animals are not skinned “alive” for their fur, that’s PETA nonsense. If this does happen, it is being done illegally, at least in the western world. There are exceptions to everything in life, and we should not be judging everything by the exceptions. Some people get in cars and drive drunk, but does this mean we should make ALL drinking illegal? Think about it.

    • Bri

      you’re so fucking wrong. they are too. somebody had written gaga real recently about some animals that don’t die until 10 MIN AFTER THE TORTURE. how bout you go get scalped and tell me all about how it’s nonsense huh? are you even aware of all the animals that have died horrifically in traps? and no it really Is worse than dying in the wild, because only with psychopath humans does somebody go around wearing your carcass as fashion afterwards. and whats there to think about with drinks? Go kill your liver like my family. that and smoking should be illegal, esp more than mary j. how smart the laws always are

  • Kiki

    I am against fur. And Britney. She’s just another teen pop idol that. in 30-40 years time, no one will remember her.

    The thing is, all you ‘fur fanatics’ don’t know how to ‘walk a mile in some else’s shoes’. You people need to put yourselves in the place of animals. They should deserve every right that we have because they live in this world just like we do.

    Just because humans have higher intelligence we think we han burn down forests and test animals, and we even do that to ourselves.
    I know that there are more important problems than this but fur is just disgusting.