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Do you ever feel like your apartment is too cramped? Ever say to yourself, “Gosh I could totally use my own island?” Well if you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the thought has more than crossed your mind. It’s been reported that the famous duo just bought one of the exclusive islands that make up the super-development, The World In Dubai.

The World, is located just off the coast of Dubai and was developed by state-owned developer, Nakheel. Although no official reports have been announced, it’s rumored that other celebrities such as David Beckham, Richard Branson and Rod Stewart have also purchased islands.  

Have no fear, the eco-aware power couple don’t plan on simply using the island for pina-colada, eighties themed reggae parties. Pitt and Jolie have both declared that they are going to use their new chunk of land to spotlight environmental issues and to promote a greener lifestyle.

Following in their famous footsteps, I too will be promoting a greener lifestyle by dreaming about purchasing my own island…where I WILL be having pina-colada, eighties themed reggae parties.

  • teresam

    Old news – and it was denied by Brad’s publicist months ago.

  • parrish

    Ouch! Totally burned huh? Okay, well upon further research I see that it HAS been reported. However, it looks pretty darm official to me. I guess we’ll see how it all shapes up over the next few weeks. Teresam if one day I do buy my own island I’m gonna hire you to fact check all the paper work. Deal?

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  • Ezee-t

    Saw a documentary on the Islands on VH1 it’s unbelievably beautiful and it would make sense to buy one as this could be one of the greatest places to live. My only problem is that the area in which it’s situated get’s some really nasty waves. Anyway who gives a fuck.

  • Britt

    That’s shit

  • Musicisourhigh

    I think that often happens – fake news appearing official. Heck I’ve seen magazines and even newspapers have fake quotes

  • Pema

    Did you hear Brad Pitt is auctioning off his hat for charity? The one he wears everywhere… the one he wore on the last Larry King interview.

    I thought he couldn’t possibly get any more attractive but his care and concern makes him so much hotter than he already is…