With all the do goodness running around this holiday season, it is hard to keep up with the many celebrities and the causes that they support. While Angie and Brad clearly steal the humanitarian headlines, we discovered a whole slew of new celebs supporting amazing organizations from this week’s US weekly. A few highlights and some organizations that run close to celebrity hearts include:

Lucy Liu has been an active ambassador to UNICEF since 2005 and raised more than $250,000 by auctioning her own artwork.

Courtney Cox became involved with The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation which raises money for a rare genetic condition. She became involved over three years ago when her manager’s nephew was diagnosed.

Kristin Davis got involved with Oxfam America after the 2004 tsunami and is a big fan of the program which provides socially conscious gift giving solutions.

Claire Danes keeps her involvement close to home by helping teachers in needy public schools post project proposals on Attending NYC public schools in her early teens, Danes became involved in 2004 after first being introduced to the organization.

Usher believes in getting physically involved and is helping bring displaced families from Katrina back home through Usher’s New Look program which has already helped hundreds of families.

Check out more from from Eva Mendes, John Legend, Leslie Bibb, and Eric Szmanda in US Weekly’s celebs and their causes on newsstands now.

  • Jeffrey

    What the fuck!!! Claire Danes for humanitarian mission?? after her bad comments in the Philippines especially those unfortunate amputees, Asians don’t know you anyway!!!