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As promised, Brad Pitt revealed more details on his NOLA Make It Right green building project and we’ve got several new developments to dish.

First off, the Make It Right site has gone pink and now features a very large Pitt (which apparently was filmed yesterday) making a video appeal for people to donate to the campaign. We also have some new designs from several of the 13 architecture firms commissioned — with some featuring homes that float, integrated vines that help cool, and raised platforms to allow water to pass underneath. Pitt decided to use pink after becoming inspired by its use on movie sets. From the site, “The scenes within the assembly create emotive storyboards containing perspectives rich with history and memories. Like a tangram puzzle, the components of each house lay haphazard at the installation’s commencement. It is only through monetary donations that these pink placeholders will become reassembled, registering the effects of a collective consciousness, ultimately enabling the construction of 150 real homes.”

Today Show reporter Ann Curry and Pitt once again teamed up and took a tour of the area (the two were on the scene last August) with Brad explaining his vision. “‘You’re going to see life coming in,’ the 43-year-old actor told NBC’s “Today” show. ‘We’ll have people in homes by the end of next summer.’ Pitt said he welcomes more donations. ‘This is really an adopt-a-house campaign,’ he told NBC. ‘I’m asking for foundations, for high-network individuals, for church groups, for corporations to come in and adopt a house. Basically $150,000 will get a family back into their home.’

Pitt said 13 architects have helped in the project. He said design requirements for the homes were ‘affordability, sustainability, safety — and that they be beautiful,’ according to The Associated Press.”

It’s always exciting to hear updates on this project — and I think the pink mock homes idea is brilliant. It’s kind of intriguing to see how a neighborhood will look before the real homes hit. Let’s hope that pink gets replaced by some green, sustainable structures soon. The wait these people have had to endure is simply unacceptable.

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  • jennifer ramos

    this guy is amazing, its just astounding how a HOLLYWOOD actor can come do this kind of thing, yet our own president didn’t even make it to this location when this happened….until 1 week afterwards…..

    good job Brad!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards’

  • Chance

    Hope it works and that the levee’s don’t break again. Wish some of this effort could be directed at the whole Gulf Coast region, not just Nawlins — or that some other philanthropist could help those still in need of homes and water, etc in the Gulf Coast. Whole towns were washed away and nobody cared.

  • jackie

    Life is good, full of many good people and getting greener everyday.

    Count our TrueGreenTeam in to lend a hand.

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