The multi-color, technicolor King of Pop has finally made that essential leap onto the green bandwagon. This weekend, Michael Jackson was seen scooting about town (or rather being scooted about town) in a fancy new Toyota Prius. Jackson has long since had a reputation for being a bit of a thorn in the side of Mother Earth. You know, owning private jets, massive mansions, his own amusement park…that whole bag. And I must say, it’s refreshing to finally see Jackson take a step in the green direction.

Jackson joins a goggle of other celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston and Will Ferrell, who have all been seen rocking a cleaner driving ride.  Say what you want about the guy, but I must give credit where credit is due.

So Michael Jackson, a message from me to you: stay out of trouble and keep on chuggin away in that sweet, green machine.

  • Nana

    Aw he’s a sweetheart.

  • Jay

    In his defense, Jackson did push the Heal the World Foundation in its heyday towards environmental causes, and in 1996 released the “Earth Song” single which bemoaned humanity’s treatment of the planet and had an… interesting video which juxtaposed sequences of deforestation, pollution, animal slaughter and war with Jackson screaming in a burnt out forest. The single was a huge hit overseas, and the video did fairly well in the US.
    Its positive environmental impact I wouldn’t know how to measure, but it probably was offset by the emissions of the mulitple cargo planes that carried his soldout HIStory tour the following year. Oh well, he tries.

  • http://aol Gerie

    YAY Michael!! Love the guy.

  • angel

    Co-signs with Jay, thanks for mentioning that.

  • Rick

    Let’s not forget, he did write the huge multi-star extravaganza, “We Are the World.”

  • Judith

    Yeah, Earth Song was an absolutely massive hit here in the UK. Topped the charts for ages. The video was seen as a bit OTT at the time, but it has to be said that it was ahead of its time really!

  • lee

    EARTH SONG certainly made an impact! And who could ever forget the Super Bowl’s Heal The World? go MJ go!!

  • vinni

    Michael is an amazing man. I hate how all these web internet media sites (as well as TV and tabloid and newspaper… hell ALL media) always have to weave in a negative spin against MJ whenever there’s a story about him. It doesn’t matter now whether the story about him is something good or bad, but there always seems to be the typical racist stereotypes added in there just for fun, and the actual article ends up being less about whatever it’s supposed to be about and more just a tabloid rubbish rubbish dump. I was thankful to see that, although this article did have a few ‘hater’ comments, it is overall not of an overtly anti-MJ stance.

  • Kyle

    Hey call him black, white or green but fact is he has done alot for the needs of the world. It is extroadinary the work he has done for charity also. You have to give him credit for that. Its obvious he does try to bring some peace to the world – its a shame he just can’t seem to find any himself.

  • tyty14

    i love michael jackson and hes still the king of pop now in 2008!!!!!!!it doesnt matter what he did!!!he was found not guilty wasnt he?so you may not like him but a lot of people do!!!!!!!just because he doesnt look the same doesnt mean hes not the same person!!!!!!!and your telling me that if would of done that to you,you would have been sitting in the same room and on the same seat as him!!!!!no so i dont think he was guilty!!!!!your opinion is hes a wierd guy who likes kids beyond normal and creey looking,my opinion is he will always be the king of pop and no matter what color or the way he acts he will always be the same michael jackson in the thriller vidoes and the other ones!!!!!

    thanks 4 reding my opinion

  • Katri

    Michael has had an enormous impact on the whole world. I must say Earth Song was ahead of its time. If it had been released, say like, at the same time as Al Gore started talking about global warming, would people have payed more attention to it? Anyway it was a big hit here in Europe.

    Michael has inspired millions of people into doing good things. Including myself as a godmother to a little boy in Peru. I also try to give my share to charity every chance I get.

    I wish more people thought of the world like Michael. He really is one of a kind in all possible ways. Love the man.

  • http://michealjacksen holia

    i love you maichel jacksen and you are the king of pop and you are the best