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Bryan Adams (who has unexpectedly appeared in two posts in less than 24 hours) is speaking out on torturous factory farming conditions for chickens and taking aim at the Canadian arm of Kentucky Fried Chicken for supporting them. The rock star turned photographer is teaming up with PETA to pressure KFC officials to change their practices. From the article,

“In a letter to John Bitove, the Ceo of KFC Canada, Adams, a longtime vegan, says, ‘I’m writing in the hope that you would be open to ways you could improve the lives and deaths of the birds who end up in KFC Canada’s buckets’. He goes on to describe how the birds are scalded to death in tanks of hot water, and what KFC can do to stop this abuse and other cruelties.

He writes, ‘If you could dramatically improve the lives and deaths of the birds who end up in KFC Canada’s buckets by adopting basic recommendations…then why not do it?’.

For the full letter, click here. To send a complaint to KFC bosses yourself, click here.

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  • TitanGreens

    I strongly discourage anyone from mentioning Bryan Adams in any sort of public forum, but I guess this can slide. Fighting for better chicken conditions is at least one way for him to crawl back into the public eye. And it’s a lot less painful than the alternative: a new Bryan Adams album.

  • Andrea

    Cool! Bryan Adams has also spoken out against the killing of seals in Atlantic Canada for their fur.

  • Nichi

    I think it’s terrible that KFC is doing these things. Thank you Bryan, you’re amazing! And btw, he’s already putting out a new album in March 2008.
    Oh, he is also protesting the Japanese killing whales. If you go to the news section of his official site there’s a link to sign a petition for them to stop.

  • claudia marrapodi

    bryan adams is my hero – because he is fighting for animal rights since many many years and this has absolutely nothing to do with a new album – he is a great artist and a perfect gentleman with a golden heart! voilà

  • alan smith

    Bryan is a music superstar of that there is no doubt. Having an opinion about the world and trying to do something to improve things – makes him a legend in life. Rock on

  • Becky

    Thank you Bryan, again, for highlighting the needless practices against our fellow beings. As already mentioned, you are a ‘hero’ for your dedication to campaign for change in our shameful animal practices and environment apathy.

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