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Josh Lucas Takes One For The Tree This Holiday Season

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Josh Lucas, star of such films as Sweet Home Alabama and Poisdeon, is taking Christmas to the next level: the recycled level.  Lucas recently told OK magazine, “My family has been recycling and been part of this moment since I have been born so it’s in my blood.” Maybe that’s why Josh is taking one for the team this year and ditching the traditional Christmas Tree for an organically recycled plastic one.

This whole Christmas Tree fiasco gives me a headache. On one hand I totally understand that cutting down a tree is a waste of a perfectly good shrub, and even though I dig the smell of a real Christmas Tree, I can’t seem to buy one. On the other hand, it’s common knowledge that most “fake” Christmas Trees are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which in Latin means: non-biodegradable, horrible for the earth, mutant plant that will eat your children.  Josh might be on to something with his organically recycled tree, but I don’t have his billfold. So, what I’ve done in the past (and this is super dorky, yet kind of charming to the ladies) is to cut off the top of a pineapple and make a baby tree. It stands on its own and provides an extra ounce of holiday cheer. And since I live in a typical NYC apartment it only takes up half of my living room.

Comment back and tell Ecorazzi how you handle the great Christmas Tree conundrum, or as I’ve unofficially labeled it: The Plight Before Christmas.

One additional shout out: Happy Birthday dad. I love you!

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