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priven.jpgEntourage star Jeremy Piven was caught by TMZ (and a swarm of additional paparazzi) getting into his new BMW Hydrogen 7 yesterday. Piven, who is known for his cool demeanor in the face of such mobbing calmly answered some curious questions about the vehicle he was driving saying,

“If you get more hydrogen stations and you tell the governor like Schwarzenegger to put more hydrogen stations, we can have cars like this, ultimately. They will probably be ready in like ten years.”

We’ve heard that one before. Still, it’s cool to add Piven to the list of stars currently driving the Hydrogen 7. BTW, nice scarf.

Hit the video here!

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  • ChooChooCharlie

    Isn’t his name Jeremy Piven? :)

  • michael

    Damnit! Yes! Thank you!

  • Mr. Know-it-All

    Ya gotta hand it to those marketing people at BMW for really pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes on this car.
    1. It runs primarily on “gasoline”, not “hydrogen”
    2. It is a “bi-fuel” car. It has both a gasoline tank and a hydrogen tank.
    3. The “liquid” hydrogen only takes the car 120 miles. Not very far on a 12-cylinder, inefficient fuel hog.
    4. There is only one place to refuel it – at BMW’s office in Oxnard. Yep, that’s right, there isn’t one place to refuel with “liquid” hydrogen.
    5. Only BMW makes this senseless car.
    6. Jeremy – there are 25 “gaseous” hydrogen stations that refuel all other hydrogen cars, but BMW went ahead and put out a useless car with no place to fuel it. So, you’re essentially driving a gasoline car, and an inefficient gas hog at that!
    6. BMW has not disclosed any plan to put liquid hydrogen stations in California!

    When will Ecorazzi stop this nonsense with even mentioning this car?! It does nothing to help expand the CA Hydrogen Highway. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that run off compressed gaseous hydrogen (5,000 psi) can fuel at the 25 stations (and growing!)