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TMZ recently published this picture of singer Mary J. Blidge leaving her NYC hotel wearing a small jungle. You don’t need to look closely to notice the bulky fur coat, oversized leather bag and cow-hide leather boots. EEKS! Now it’s just a guess, but I bet she wasn’t on her way to the Global Green Awards!

I didn’t want to…I really didn’t want to…but Mary, I’m giving you the Ecorazzi slap on the “fill in body part here” for taking the fashion low road. You don’t have to kill to look killer. Don’t you know that? You broke my heart today, Mary, you broke my heart.

  • animalfriend

    the whole person is just awful – disgusting! also a person who shows some years more should have some dignity! i’m sorry for her!

  • farmgirl

    how gross!

  • Eco Mama

    With the blonde wig and big nasty tattoos, she looks and acts like the trashy “ho” that she really is.

  • Andrea

    Broke my heart too, and the hearts of the numerous mink, foxes, cows and whatever other critters were killed for the outfit.

  • kawona

    I really can not figure out why there is such a strong focus on the wearing of furs when there are so many causes out there that need as much or more attention on. We have this WAR going on that is slaughtering American Soldiers and normal everyday people but you don’t see that much emphasis on that. Where are the protestors for this? We have abuse, hunger, neglect, and the list goes on and on. Why isn’t anyone attacking farmers or anyone else that sells meat, animal skins, etc.

    Everyone has opinions or issues that they feel that is important enough to speak on. But please focus on everything.

    I’m not disrespecting anyone fro their beliefs but there is so much going on that it truly breaks my heart.

    • Letlinda


  • parrish

    Kawona…I get what you’re saying, but this blog isn’t called The war in Iraq, however important, isn’t really Ecorazzi territority. The mindless wearing of dead animals by celebrities IS! Violence is violence is violence is violence-against human animals or nonhuman animals. We learn by example and in this case Mary J. chose to set a very poor one.

  • WahWah

    Oh, quit your self righteous bitching, and go check on your poor innocent hot dog that’s boiling in a pot on the stove.

  • I luv Mary

    Eco Mama, Why are you so full of hate. Mary has alot of fans that would beg to differ. If you dont care for her stay off her message boards okay

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  • Materoa Dodd

    Get a life – leave her alone.

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  • Emma Jordan

    Before you judge too harshly – check out