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by Michael dEstries
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Daryl Hannah has launched a new online store to compliment her groovy green site, dhlovelife. It contains some pretty unique items from hemp surfboards to bamboo snowboards to eco-friendly treats for pets and sustainable playhouses for kids. There are a ton of fantastic items you’re not likely to find anywhere else so conveniently — and it could have ended there and we’d be thrilled. However, the activist/actress took it one step forward by including a section of the store you’re not likely to find anywhere else.


It’s called “Fantasy Playthings” — and while some of you probably have your heads in the gutter — let me tell you that this is so much better than porn. In this section you’ll find such wallet-rocking items as a hemp guitar (no trees — made from hemp pulp!), gorgeous tipis (24′ diameter), solar-powered boat (8-11 peeps, 30+ miles range), and a completely drool-worthy ranch bio-beast that can tow 2500lbs and uses sustainably-sourced b100 biodiesel. Not your average store, right? Once again, she could have stopped there — but stumble over to the next page and you’re treated to an item simply labeled as “Special Secret Surprise”.

Well, we’re here to whisper softly that Daryl Hannah is selling her badass biodiesel “El Camino”. Not only that, but this original black beauty also comes with its own b100 biodiesel pump + station. Not sure what that means? No worries — Daryl is providing some “easy” instructions and will even throw in a resource guide to finding the most sustainable b100 biodiesel source near you! The car (which is fully smoked + tinted by a custom shop) has about 139,000 miles on it and has never touched a drop of petrol. You can check out her El Camino in action in this video.

The sale price for her car is yet be determined (Daryl says details will be available December 20th), but that shouldn’t stop you from asking Santa right now to keep an eye on her site. Certainly, there are plenty of dreamy green gifts in her new store to keep anyone happy for many holidays to come. Hit the jump to have look for yourself!

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