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Do you ever watch somebody on T.V and think, “Man, I would just really love to be that person’s friend?” Well that’s how I feel about Ellen Degeneres. She’s a talk show host, comedienne, actor, dancer extraordinaire, and now an animal advocate. Ellen Degeneres has teamed up with Meox Mix owner, Richard Thompson, to help rebuild animal shelters across the country that are in desperate shape. Their first project is a sanctuary in Monkey Run, Arkansas (really…Monkey Run?), which is now underway. The sanctuary is home to over 60 animals, including cows, a zebra and 20 dogs. Thompson will officially unveil the project tomorrow, December 11th, on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Critics are saying that Ellen might only be doing this to clear her name after the whole Iggy disaster, but to those critics I say, “Blah! Go away!” She has been an animal lover for years and it was so obvious that her grief over that whole incident was out of love for the dog and his best interests. So Ellen, thanks for being so awesome and continuing to lead by example in supporting such important causes. Now can we just be friends already?

  • Pema


    I LOVE your blog. There’s only so much schadenfreude one can stand with Perez Hilton. It’s nonsense.

    I noticed “extraodinaire” was spelled with two R’s and it’s only one R. Just wanted to let you know, you want to stay extremely credibly- especially with the skeptics who will jump on anything.

    Thanks for the great content!

  • parrish

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I will be the first to admit that this blogger is not the hottest when it comes to editing, so thanks for the heads up and keep a’ readin.

  • lisa iannucci

    Great site! I love that you focus on the green issues!

  • Velma Merritt

    I live in Hot Springs,Arkansas I come from So Calif and love my new state. I am so proud of all the good deeds you and love it in Monkey Run, Arkansas I hope to visit the compound for animals


  • Omar

    Actually, Ellen hasn’t teamed up with Meow Mix. It’s a website called Zootoo, founded by Richard Thompson. You can read more about them at