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ed.jpgI finally managed to catch up with Ed Begley Jr. in the flesh and it was great to meet the guy who is widely considered the “greenest” celebrity in Hollywood. There’s not much to tell or update on Ed that you can’t find out by watching his popular show, Living With Ed, but he was excited to be here and giving one of the Keynote addresses. He also took time out to visit each of the vendors here today and talk about their products.

Beyond the talks, GM is also busy showcasing some of its new green vehicles outside. Of particular interest to perhaps some in the auto world is that the only “working” Chevy Volt is here. Granted, it’s not using anything remotely close to the final product — but if you had to jump in and drive somewhere — it is a true electric car. In fact, they had it recharging. Usually, the power cable is just hanging out for effect.


Anyways, I also had the opportunity to test drive a Chevy Fuel Cell Equinox around the streets of Los Angeles. Chevy is distributing these vehicles as part of their Project Driveway campaign where 100 individuals/families from around the U.S. will test them for about three months for free. Needless to say, it was a seamless transition to jump from my rental car and into one powered by hydrogen. The only obvious differences were the quiet and lack of RPM on the dash. Instead, you have KwH for electricity being generated. Driving was smooth and peppy. And yes, you truly can inhale the exhaust with no worries. Now if only we can build a hydrogen infrastructure, create the gas in less energy-intensive ways, and make it affordable, the future won’t seem that far away.



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  • John Bailo

    Holy Bush Whackers Batman.

    A “Green” site and Green SAG member praises hydrogen! Glory be…did the laggards finally come round.

    Next thing you’ll all be griping with me about how Global Warming is due to natural causes.

    I can hope.

  • kent beuchert

    No one is going to build a hydrogen infrastructure, for the simple reason that hydrogen doesn’t make sense. If Ed Begley, prime liar in the crockumentary “Who Killed the Electric car?” thinks hydrogen is the future, he’s obviously just a big a liar about the future as he has been about the past. Hydrogen sucks. It isn’t even less expensive than gasoline.

  • Tom Roberts

    Electric cars have been around for years since early 1832, but the oil lobby and its ilk have lobbied (and payola to auto maunufacterers) to keep American cars petroleum based and kept electric auto development out of the mainstrem. There are always naysayers until proven wrong definitely and then they say they knew it all along. However money is power and it controls the laws for good or bad but always toward the development of more money.

  • Mr Sexy

    Kent can’t be more wrong. Hydrogen, when coupled with fuel cells, will make sense. They are at least twice as efficient as the best ICE. Manufacturers have made great strides to commercialize these technologies.

  • Sarah


    Please offer some constructive dialogue. You condemn hydrogen and offer no alternative. If you think that “it isn’t even less expensive than gasoline” is a good point, wait until you check out the price tags associated with the economies of plug-ins, electric, etc — at this early point in technology development all alternatives are more expensive. It is called “Economies of Scale.” Ever heard of it?

    Do you recall how expensive

  • Sarah

    oops! that should conclude with

    Do you recall how expensive the first pocket calculators were?

  • Eco Mama

    Jay Leno did a great job on his website about the new hydrogen fuel cell Honda FCX Clarity:


    peace out…

  • Hollyrose

    Eco Mama, I too was amazed to see the HUGE leap forward Honda has made with FCX Clarity, as shown at LA auto show. My “looking for Mr. Green car” at the show was cut short when I hit the Hodna booth. Massive dedication to the hydrogen sedan and its internals disected. My green tour partner with a stake in energy storage and production stood in awe at the fuel cell stack display, admitting he had never seen 100 kilowatts come from ANYTHING that small, noting the latest fuel cell stack is just slightly larger than a gamers PC case. Interactive eeducation screens showed stations, and even how hydrogen is made. Stunning design, style, comfort and zero emissions! We inhaled it for over an hour…