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You’d think that if you were one of the highest paid NFL players in the country you wouldn’t get your jollies from watching two dogs kill each other, but I guess you never know.  Michael Vick was recently sentenced to a 23 month jail sentence for his involvement in an underground dogfighting ring.

Although Vick had some hard-hitting supporters in his corner, such as Hank Aaron, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and the pastor of his church,  US. District Judge Henry E. Hudson still had little sympathy. During the sentencing Judge Hudson stated, “I’m convinced it was not a momentary lack of judgment on your part. You were a full partner.” And when Vick apologized to the court and his family, the judge shot back, “You need to apologize also to the millions of young people who look up to you.”

Although he could have been sentenced to up to five years, the Federal sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence of 12 to 18 months, so all in all Vick received a pretty firm sentence. 

You know, I usually close out my posts with something witty and light, but there are no witty or light comments to be made here. One can only hope that this helps put a stop to the horrific “sport” that is dogfighting, and teaches Michael Vick a lesson he won’t ever forget.

  • Kimberly

    I am shocked, amazed, and altogether pleased that Vick will actually serve time for his horrific crimes and that the judge had sincere passion for the animals that Vick so cruelly tortured, maimed and killed. However, I think there is a bigger issue here other than he is a professional athlete being sentenced for his crime. Does he, or those who came out and supported him, really understand why dog fighting is wrong? Will he sit in prison for 23 months and reflect on why it is cruel or does he see this as being bad because it is illegal?

    If we can’t get the public to understand what dog fighting actually entails and make them realize that it’s not just illegal it’s horribly cruel, Vick being sentenced will do little, if any, good. That’s unfortunate.

  • Dru

    Vick broke the law and he should pay, but the punishment is too severe. Not only does he have to sit in a cell for at least 18 months, but he’s also been banned from his job indefinitely, and the Falcons want their 20 million dollars back. Vick will be below the poverty line when he gets out! And for what? He killed 6 dogs. We’re not talking about cute, cuddly, friendly dogs. We’re talking about pitbulls- vicious, soulless, ignorant, wretched beasts! Now, I don’t see why anyone would get a kick out of watching two dumb animals go at it, but I’d rather hear about them killing each other than hear about one of them killing another kid while his father is away at war. I’m not saying that it’s ok to kill them for sport. I think it is wrong. But in this case, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. We watch boxers and UFC fighters beat each other unconscious and no one goes to jail. I saw a guy pull another man’s arm until it broke in two and no one arrested him. They gave him a championship belt and a bunch of money!
    There have been athletes who died on the field and in the ring. These sports haven’t been banned and no one was charged with a crime. You might say those people had a choice. Well so do the dogs. They don’t have to be trained to fight to the death, they do it instinctively. They were bred for over two centuries to be killers! It’s what they do!
    I’m not one to play the race card, but those who do have a pretty significant argument here. When investigators searched Vick’s home on April 25, dogfighting was a MISDEMEANOR punishible by up to ONE year in prison. Eight days later, President Bush signed a bill that made it a felony. You may have to look back to Bush’s days as governor of Texas. Texas executed more blacks than all the other 49 states combined. And let’s not forget about New Orleans. You may say that this case has nothing to do with race, but trust me, if Bush is involved, racism is involved.

  • http://Juno Dee Dee

    I am not a happy camper. What good does it do to send Vick to jail? He has already been humiliated. Scooter Libby committed treason and Bush said that his sentence didn’t fit the crime. Vick’s sentence certainly does not fit his crime….dogs are not human!!

  • parrish

    Dru, I agree with SOME of what you say. Maybe not so much the “vicious, soulless, ignorant, wretched beasts” part, but I get that race could have played a part in it and I do have sympathy for anybody who is going to jail. I doubt that he will be below the poverty line by the time he gets out…unless of course he’s never saved a dime. Overall, although harsh, I think this sentence is sending an important message that dogfighting is NEVER ok. Hopefully the message will be received loud and clear and this judgement will help reduce this horrible crime.

  • Jen

    I think your a fucking moron! And Michael Vick is a piece of shit! First of all, Pitbulls aren’t the problem at all! The people who train them to fight are the problem! I think the punishment is not at all fit for the crime-it should be much more harsh! I don’t give a damn how many dogs he killed, they are innocent creatures that are only fighting to save their own lives! I hope you think about this next time you are about to say something that stupid!

  • ash

    Saying ‘they’re just dogs’ really says a lot about the mind from which that came.

    Man was given ‘dominion’ over animals. My interpretation of that has never included something as horrific as forced killing and shredding of each other.

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  • Kay

    You are right, dogs are not human (duh), that is why the idiot didn’t get the death penalty. As far as racism goes, whatever, stop blaming everything on race (yes, I am a minority). It sounds like you guys are the racists (Dee-Dee and Dru).
    So what if he was humiliated…does Vick require special treatment? If it were you or I, we would be pasted all over the news regardless of color. And oh, poor thing, he won’t have a salary of $20 million! Maybe he should get a real job. There are plenty available. Maybe teachers, firepeople (I am trying to be politically correct), policemen, etc. should receive a piece of that $20 million.
    Be kind to creatures! They all serve a purpose.
    AND PLEASE leave the politicians out of this discussion!!!!!!

  • Erin

    I’d have to totally agree with Jen. Dru, you are absolutely WRONG. Maybe dogs aren’t humans. But they feel the same things we do. They feel pain and fear just like us. How would you like to be raised to fight other kids until either you kill the other or they kill you? How would you like it if you lost the fight, but survived it and was tortured to death for not killing another innocent kid? If you seriously think Vick should be treated better, you’re sick. He didn’t get a harsh punishment at all. Like Jen said, the dogs aren’t the problem. It’s the dumbass people who raise them to fight other dogs to death. If they were put into a loving family they would be as sweet, cuddly, and cute as any other dog. In my opinion, Dru, you’re as sick as Vick. Dog fighting is horrible. And dogs should be treated as humans, along with all other animals. If you’re saying dogs should be treated like that, then so should we. We aren’t much different from them.

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