by Michael dEstries
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Ecorazzi contributor Melissa Rosenberg and I are in Hollywood this morning getting pumped for the first Hollywood Goes Green conference. The event is a great opportunity for studios, actors, corporations, and media entities to talk about the environmental scene and how their efforts can help push sustainability forward around the world. It’s also –obviously — about changing the way people perceive the industry in terms of “eco-friendliness” and saving some cash through greening initiatives.

So, we’ll be talking about the biz — while also digging for some gossip — and seeing where this first-of-its-kind event goes.  Stay tuned! For a list of speakers and topics, check out the schedule here.

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  • Sarah

    Could you please also keep us up to date on what the event organizers are doing to keep the event itself green? I often go to conferences/exhibitions for my job and feel like there is an overwhelming amount of inefficiency and waste.

  • Jenna, 10

    I think it is great that Hollywood is going green I do as much as I can to keep my community clean, I also care alot about our earth. My friends and I do as much as we can. And I’m only 10 years old, that shows you can do anything at any age. I own 5 non-plastic bracletes.