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Discovery Communications’ green network, Planet Green (which will soon be launching in 50 million homes), has just announced a new 10-episode series called, Wasted, hosted by Annabelle Gurwitch and handyman Holter Graham.

Wasted will feature a spectrum of households that will get three weeks to reduce their general consumption, and will then be rewarded cash based on their planetary savings. So think like Extreme Home Makeover with less tears and lower property taxes.

Hostess, Annabelle Gurwitch, has been involved with environmental causes for years and is often featured discussing them on the NPR program, Day to Day, and writes a column for The Nation. She also writes, directs, and narrates the webisode series, My Big Fat Environmental Crisis

If I had cable, I’d be all over this show like sunlight on solar panels (come on, at least give me credit for trying).

  • Maggie

    What’s even better is, I believe they are using all certified organic makeup for the hosts – NVEY ECO?

  • Al

    I love this show but the only thing that bothers me is when a home owner is accused of using too much water (like for small kids pools etc) Holter shows up with a truck full of water and just sprays the same amount the family is accused of wasting onto their property, seems like these “special” effects are wasting water as well no?

  • Chuck Ellis

    I watch the show that talked about Wasted electric in the home.That used a devise that measured the electric cost per room,or per appliance.Where can i pick up one of those meters.

  • MaryB

    To Chuck Ellis, who wanted a device to measure electric usage… I found a couple online:

    Kill-a-watt offers a unit that monitors a single appliance’s usage

    One from Blue Line Innovations will wirelessly display your home’s electric usage (displays the real-time data.)

    Try looking at blog for more information. This is where I found information on the Blue Line product.

  • LuWanna M

    I’m interestd in the worm composting and would like to know how to start one.

  • Jean P

    I just watched and was deeply saddened by what I saw. This is such a great idea for a show, to help us all learn new ways to be less wasteful, save money, and positively affect our lives, our community and our earth. But why, oh why, is it necessary to make people feel shame and guilt? Stamping GUILT across their faces, shame on you, and all that? Breaks my heart. Why do we find it necessary to beat on each other? People work very, very hard in this country to have the things they do. Just raise the awareness, that’s all it takes. You can tell, once the people understand the impact, they’re willing to make changes wherever they can. Great idea to give cash to show them their savings, and a good incentive to make changes. I love Annabelle Gurwitch, but am sad to see her go along with the script of mean things to say.

  • michelle

    people know what the show is all about and people do need to realize how much they are harming the environment and it is a tv show so those extra little things said are used to get some people hooked to watch