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parish.jpgWhile Paris Hilton was busy talking about going green yesterday, she failed to mention that her new line of champagne-in-a-can from German company Rich Prosecco will also benefit charity. 20% of sales of the new range of alcohol will go to organizations helping people develop clean sources of drinking water. Rock on! The standard promotion for initiatives like this is usually something between 5%-10% — so we’re happy to see a real amount of cash be directed towards a good cause.

In addition to simply having her name associated with the canned bubbly, Paris also took things a step further and decide to participate in an ad campaign for the drink. As expected, she’s nude, covered in gold spray paint, and sitting in the desert. Heckler Spray said it best,

“We know what you’re thinking – what has Paris Hilton naked in the desert got to do with champagne? And we’re not entirely sure. True, we’ve wanted to drop Paris Hilton naked in the desert several times before, but only so we could force her to understand that sitting out for weeks in a 130F wilderness in the middle of summer with no clothes or water is ‘hot’ and that perhaps she should try another way to describe every bastard thing she ever encounters, but we never thought to paint her gold first. ”


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  • Street Pooch

    Paris Hilton Gets Naked For Champagne And Cleaner Water.

    She gets neked basically w/ some alcohol(booz) and cleaner water she means?(… showers? dirty fagwhite’s gene cesspool or jacuzzi’s ?lol )
    That’s very very —-Typical girls i’ve seen in a “Girls gone W?”
    & R U SURE
    20% goes to charity?
    I,”Sreet Pooch” truly get rescued?
    I don’t see anything.

  • rubenlaracast

    But, but where is the bottle?

  • Apple

    Perhaps Paris should come to rescue of Kashmiri pandits. Check

  • MySpace Text

    let us forget about her pose and the champagne…let’s focus on the charity work.


    She will have to do more then this to IMPRESS me….

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards’