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Say what you want about the sex tape. Go ahead, lament at breakfast over her choice in husbands. Judge her abundantly for her abundant plastic surgery. Still, nobody can disagree that what Pamela Anderson does for animal rights isn’t noble. (On second thought, yes, there will be people who disagree and probably tell me all about it in the comment section).

This week, Pamela Anderson wasn’t candy-coating anything when she wrote an open letter to Paul S. Michaels, president of the Mars candy company, asking him to stop the cruel testing they do on animals. Strangely enough, last year Anderson herself worked for Mars to help promote their new green M&M without knowing that the company still regularly practiced animal testing. In her letter, Anderson states that until this process stops, she will “encourage everyone she knows” to buy candy from other companies, such as Hersheys, which has already pledged to never test on animals.

Hey wait a second! All of this talk about Pam saving the animals has given me a pretty sweet idea for a Baywatch spin-off. Pam, if your viewing this post, have your people call my people. I smell an Emmy nomination.

To read Pamela Anderson’s whole letter just click here.

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  • Dana

    I had no idea that candy companies tested on animals. I also didn’t know that juice companies like Pom were doing animal testing also so I guess it’s not really surprising. I stick to vegan and fair trade chocolate anyway.

    She shows more dedication for issues like animal testing, fur, seal hunting in her native Canada, and vegetarianism than most celebrities. Unlike some celebs that only campaign for an issue if it’s fashionable at the moment, Pamela has been a reliable voice for animals for over a decade, so I do strongly admire her for that.

  • parrish

    I agree, Pam Anderson totally rocks! FYI: POM officially stopped testing their products on animals a few months ago, so feel free to gulp down that juicy goodness guilt-free. To read more about that you can go here:

  • Kimberly

    I’ve read the letter and am wondering why that type of testing would be necessary? (Not that animal testing can ever be justified) Can anyone clarify the rationale behind such gruesome acts by a candy company?

  • Shannen

    that is so awsome she actually cares for the wellbeing of animals. but she could still do more with her celebrity status than just write a letter. she should take things further than just threatening to tell everyone to buy hershys. maybe am wrong but i think its for her personal image and that she doesnt care at all about animals wellbeing.?

    • meli

      She is… go to