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Last week we wrote about celeb favorite pet shop, Pets of Bel Air, being closed down for operating without a license. The Humane Society sent in undercover investigators to check out the place, and the results are shocking. Watch the video below to see advice that employees of the store give to the investigator, including…”Never tell a customer that a puppy is sick. Even if he is.”

Pets of Bel-Air has responded to the video on their website:

Dear Customers, Friends and Neighbors,

We are horrified by the recent video released by the Humane Society of the United States showing footage of puppy mills. We do not condone puppy mills; we would never knowingly buy a dog from a puppy mill; and we are appalled by the possibility that this may have happened. We are investigating all of our sources so that we continue to have the finest and most reputable dogs from the best breeders, a practice that we’ve held central to our business since we opened nine years ago.

Each of our beautiful puppies purchased out-of –state are from a USDA approved pet breeder. We rely on our governmental agency to be sure that these breeders are inspected, and when we see the conditions that these animals are living in it feels as though the USDA has failed our business, and most importantly they have failed the animals that do not have a voice.

All of our puppies are given health checks by our store veterinarian when they become part of our family and before joining their new families. Our puppies are all sold with a health warranty, and are not available to go home to their new families until they have been cleared by a veterinarian.

It has been brought to our attention that our permit to sell animals has expired and we are already in the process of paying the full amount owed. The permit fee is not a significant number, and went inadvertently unpaid. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, as we will continue to do business with the highest level of integrity.

Pets of Bel Air has been a trusted neighborhood business for many years. Every employee at Pets of Bel Air is an animal lover, as evidenced by the care and love we show our puppies and kittens each day; the healthy environment we provide; and the respect we show each of you. We continue to be a community pet store you can trust.

Thank you for your continued support.
Pets of Bel Air

Hmm. I’m going to side with the HSUS on this one…the video evidence is overwhelming. Besides the fact that I despite both pet stores and breeding.

The celebs such as Paris Hilton and Denise Richards that associated with this store are sure to be up in arms, as well. To learn more about puppy mills, visit the HSUS Stop Puppy Mills website.

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  • Dana

    It’s clever for them to just try to blame the USDA for the horrific conditions, but I don’t think that’s acceptable. Certainly the US Department of Agriculture should be working much harder to enforce the puppy breeding regulations, but ultimately it should be up to each pet shop to investigate where their puppies are coming from.

    I wish more pets stores would stop selling puppies from both puppy mills and breeders and start doing more adoption events in partnership with local animal shelters. Some independent pet stores and some chains like Petsmart already do this.

  • Tee

    Usda MEANS puppy mill. The USDA has been colluding with these millers for a long time, letting them break laws. USDA inspectors even admit it! some of a news story exposing USDA failures

    Plus these mills operate in “good ole boy” rural areas, where the local authorities are easily bought off and there are few or no laws any way.

    But ALL pet stores buy from puppy mills. That’s the business model. They buy cheap so they can mark up for retail.

    The puppies are cheap because they are cheaply raised. No vet care, often kept outdoors, parent dogs caged for life, horrible disease and injuries. Cheap.

    And veterinarians WORK FOR puppy mills. Unethical vets can make a lot of $$ off this abuse.

    It’s one big nasty dirty secretive racket.

  • Tee

    Another one of these scamming pet stores exposed

  • Dana

    Some pets store chains like Pet Value don’t sell any pets at all, just supplies. I try to shop either at Pet Value or at a few of the independent pet stores in my area that don’t sell animals.