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Allison Janney Gets A Green Makeover From The EcoZone Team

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ecozone.jpgFour time Emmy Award winner Allison Janney, star of the hit series The West Wing, is the latest celebrity to receive a green home makeover from The EcoZone “Green Team”. Led by host Daisy Fuentes, each EcoZone episode chronicles a behind-the-scenes look at how celebrities turn their homes into environmentally friendly zones. Along the way, loads of eco-friendly tips are dished out — designed to help viewers make their own homes as green as possible Previous episodes have featured the homes of actors Ron Livingston and Patrick Warburton.

Janney received the following upgrades:

*The team installed a new fireplace mantle made of bamboo — a grass and not a tree — and the grains of the bamboo made for a lighter mantle complemented by recycled glass tiles.

*Janney got a new sofa from Cisco made from FCRC certified wood, natural
latex and eco friendly cotton and wool materials.

*Outside, the team refurbished an old weathered deck made of polyboard
and aluminum materials that are 100% recyclable.

*Because it was getting costly to keep the outdoor pool warm, The Green
Team installed solar thermal heating on a flat roof top that now heats
the pool using only solar energy.

Now you may be wonder why the hell a rich celebrity receives these upgrades and not some family in desperate need of some reduced energy bills or a healthier environment. It’s a honest question that probably boils down somewhere between marketing and audience appeal. The latter is in question because as ABC’s Home Makeover has shown us, family stories are just an inspiring or interesting as the supposed drama of the rich and famous. Another reason might be that celebrities are paying for these upgrades which would place them squarely out of the range of most families. So — we get simple cost-effective tips through a celebrity home makeover instead. Look for Planet Green to address makeovers for the rest of us.

For some snippets of the latest episode, hit the EcoZone site!

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