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As the celebrity aura surrounding Al Gore increases with every award sent in the mail, so too does the price of snagging the former V.P. turned environmental superstar for speaking engagements and birthday parties.

According to released figures, Gore receives between $100,000-$150,000 for speaking engagements. I’m fairly certain, however, that those numbers are rising — especially due to a Nobel Peace Prize now in tow. From a source that will remain anonymous, I’m hearing recent prices above $200K for keynote talks. In addition to these prices, the V.P. also requests $1,000 per diem, first-class airfare, professional ground transportation (sedan, not SUV — hybrid when possible), and top-notch hotel accommodations.

Now, it should also be stressed that Gore donates a significant share of his profits to the Alliance For Climate Protection (his Nobel Prize winnings also went there) — and he occasionally waives his fees for non-profits and schools. Obviously, if the guy was free — he would be swamped with requests to lecture all over the planet. As it is, since the release of An Inconvenient Truth, he’s given about 150 lectures per year.

Unfortunately, people are not too pleased with recent actions by Gore’s team. At last month’s Fortune Forum summit in London, guests bemoaned the high-entry prices (anywhere from £1,000 and £50,000 to attend) and lackluster access and performance by the former V.P. Said one source,

“He refused to speak to journalists and security would usher away VIP guests and the Press. He was being very precious and demanded his own VIP room before the event, where he held his own exclusive reception. The other guests were cut off. It was very clear that many guests were disappointed by this.”

So the question begs to be asked: Is Gore’s celebrity status damaging the campaign he’s worked so hard (and quite successfully) to educate us on? Is it now time for him to change his presentation style or the message he’s delivering? Are the fees too much for some worthy events and organizations to even consider? Discuss below!

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  • Steve Balogh

    I’ve heard that his “speech” is a rehashing of the facts that he gave in the movie. I think there was an article recently about the audience being bored at his last UK appearance – despite shelling out big bucks.

    Time for Al to go back to the drawing board (power point)?

    That is the trouble with this issue (CC), you spend years convincing people that it exists. Then they finally “get it”, and say “OK, now what do we do about it?”

    He’d better have a better answer than “well, I’ll keep giving the same speech, and then go work for a multi-million dollar VC fund… oh, and buy CFL bulbs.”

    Sorry for being so negative. I just feel like Al is teh supposed “leader” on this issue. There is so much that needs to be changed to have an effect on climate change, I feel like he needs to start doling out the tough news on how to get serious about it (beyond CFL’s, etc.)

  • rebecca

    I heard RFK Jr. speak in person in Miami, and was super-impressed and motivated. While researching the speech after-the-fact to write up my post, I was disappointed to see that almost the exact same speech two years earlier. I can only imagine what it would be like to give a speech every single day…tough to come up with new material. However, I think audiences deserve it! Especially with Gore, who is speaking to an audience who has probably seen An Inconvenient Truth at least 2 times each!

  • Alexandria

    I completely agree with both statements produced. It is almost as if he was given a script? Conspiracy? I think so. A script he was payed to read for An Inconvenient Truth , that could have been read by a true environmental activist, someone like …David Suzuki? He has been rallying for the earth since the 70’s. Now we get a man who has been a leader for the United States. Wait, a second point. Can anyone list the years that Al Gore was in government?
    Al Gore’s Biography
    (liberated from the last legitimate White House website on 1/19/01)

    Al Gore was inaugurated as the 45th Vice President of the United States on January 20, 1993. President Clinton and Vice President Gore were re-elected to a second term in 1996, and Vice President Gore was sworn in again on January 20, 1997. Together, they have led this country into the longest period of sustained economic growth in American history — marked by 22 million new jobs, and real incomes rising for the first time in a generation.

    Vice President Gore serves as an advisor to President Clinton, a Cabinet member, President of the U.S. Senate, a member of the National Security Council, and head of a wide range of Administration initiatives.

    Vice President Gore was born on March 31, 1948, and is the son of the late U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. and Pauline Gore. Raised in Carthage, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., Vice President Gore received a degree in government with honors from Harvard University in 1969. After graduation, he volunteered for enlistment in the U.S. Army and served in Vietnam. Returning to civilian life, Vice President Gore became an investigative reporter with The Tennessean in Nashville. He attended Vanderbilt University Divinity School and Vanderbilt Law School.

    Vice President Gore began his career in public service in 1976 when he was elected to represent Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives (1977-1985). He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984 and was re-elected in 1990 (1985-993). A candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 1988, he won more than three million votes and Democratic contests in seven states.

    Vice President Gore is married to the former Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Aitcheson. They have four children: Karenna (born August 6, 1973), married to Drew Schiff; Kristin (born June 5, 1977), Sarah (born January 7, 1979), and Albert III (born October 19, 1982). The Gores also have one grandchild — Karenna and Drew’s son Wyatt, born last summer on the Fourth of July.

    Vice President Gore owns a small farm near Carthage, and the family attends New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Carthage.

    (end of White House site biography)


    2000-present Elected President of the United States (election overturned by Supreme Court lead fascist coup)
    1996-2000 Re-elected Vice President of the United States
    1992-96 Elected Vice President of the United States
    1990 Re-elected U.S. Senator (70%)
    1984 Elected U.S. Senator (61%)
    1988 Unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for President
    1982 Re-elected U.S. Congressman (unopposed)
    1980 Re-elected U.S. Congressman (79%)
    1978 Re-elected U.S. Congressman (unopposed)
    1976 Elected U.S. Congressman (94%)

    Did he implement any policies that could be demanding alternatives for tomorrow? He did not. We have a figure head for hypocrisy and I can’t figure out reasons to support someone like that.