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The People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals love their e-cards. As Ecorazzi reported earlier, Michael Vick is currently serving a 23-month jail sentence on dog fighting conspiracy charges.  Well in the spirit of the season, PETA has just released a brand new “holiday” card featuring Michael Vick in an orange jump suit locked inside of a snow globe designed to look like a prison with a ball and chain around his leg. Behind Vick is a guard with his  dog ferociously watching over him. When you visit the site you can “shake” the globe and watch Vick crash into the walls as a voiceover says, “They got to the quarterback’s blind side there. He never had a chance.”

Ok, If you’re familiar with some of my previous posts you know that I am a PETA member and supporter, but I think this is just plain tacky. Ok, we get it, Michael Vick seriously messed up and now he’s paying for his mistake. Do we really have to mock the guy with a festive card? The only holiday message this is sending is, “Na, na nee boo, boo”, and gloating is never attractive. Sometimes, PETA crosses that oh so delicate line and goes from helping to hurting. We got our point across guys, I have a feeling Vick will be staying far away from anything with four legs for a very long time. As we approach the end of 2007, we should be focusing on forgiving, not mocking. 

If you MUST see the card you can view it HERE.

  • Tirawi

    Wow, you’re maturity never ceases to amaze me. Yeah, Vick messed up and deserves to be in jail, but seriously, what are you trying to send with this e-card? You got your point across already, and yet you are going to continue to mock him. As an activist group, this is the best thing you have to do, is come up with cutsie little cards to, if anything, distract from the main point you were trying to make. Hey, if you’re still that upset, you can send him a mean email with like a hundred frowny faces.
    Seasons greetings

  • Charlie

    You are totally right with this article. I saw this today and I couldn’t believe it. I mean PETA already got what they wanted out of Michael Vick. Now why make fun of the man. This is just tasteless. I am an animal lover and a supporter of PETA but this just makes them look bad. I can’t believe it and I am very disappointed by there actions as well as Michael Vick’s. The only difference is he is spending time behind bars for his.

  • Esmerelda

    It seems to me that PETA has a tabloid mentality now. With the naked celebs endorsing them they’re getting more attention than they ever have. I think they’ve let it go to their heads and are getting out of hand. When justice is served as it has been with Michael Vick it’s time to drop it and move on. After all they still have the Olsen twins to torture.

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  • Maria

    Vick has lost everything and is paying his dues in jail right now . PETA really has no compassion nor class nor grace to mock a man when he is down. And I’m sure PETA folks see themselves as those selfless people who are the light of this world. What a joke!

  • JerseyBred

    I guess PETA’s gonna run this “victory” into the ground, huh? & they wonder why so many don’t take them seriously. Idiots.

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