by Michael dEstries
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geldof.jpg“In the UK, we’ll soon have to scramble for more nuclear power. On this issue, I don’t care what anyone says: we’re going to go with it, big-time. We may mess around with wind and waves and other renewable energy sources, trying to make them sustainable, but they’re not. They’re Mickey Mouse.”

–Humanitarian/Rocker Bob Geldof writing for thehybriddebate

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  • jeff

    Geldof is right! I am a scientist who works in alternative energy technologies. SOlar and wind energy are great, but nothing even comes close to comparing to nuclear in efficiency and overall low impact on the environment.

  • jeanruss

    You both need to read Walter Russell’s “Atomic Suicide”-Russell was a 20th century American genius-He saiid that mankind should already have been in the Hydrogen Age-It is clean, cheap and plentiful-he created an engine that ran on hydrogen and presented it to Norad, but oil interests prevented its presentation to humanity-Russell presented an entirely new science and periodic table-the powers that be were not raedy to listen, but perhaps now that we are on the edge of disaster, scientists may start to work on viable solutions to the energy issues of the world.

  • Chris

    I agree with Jeff – “Geldof is right”. The world’s population is currently about 6.5 billion, rising to about 9.1 billion by 2050, all wanting western living standards (and why not?), to be supplied by off-shore wind farms – bonkers!

  • TONY

    Its too bad that we cant think a little outside the box. Nuclear is not the only way to go. Before we give in to that lobby can we find the will to give these burgeoning technologies the chance.
    Bob is starting to look like, but not sound like the second coming of Allen Watts.

  • RemyC

    I never liked the guy, now I know why! He’s the reason Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS is dead by the way… Think about that. Michael and I partied one night at Toad’s Place in New Haven… we wrote about it in Vox Pop magazine. Michael was one of the really good guys. Geldof’s band, Boomtown Rats, sucked! An insult to Woody Guthrie who he got the name from. How Geldof ended up organizing Live AID, we’ll never know. Maybe so he could stand here today and pipe out stuff like that. Just a Rothchild puppet boy!

  • harvey wasserman

    nuke power is 50 years of proven failure. after a half-century of gargantuan taxpayer subsidies, atomic energy can’t solve its radioactive waste problem, can’t get unsubsidized financing, can’t get independent liability insurance, can’t be protected against terror attacks or operator error, and can’t compete with renewables. increased efficiency is the answer to increased demand. there are $6 billion worth of wind farms under construction in the US today, and zero nuke reactors being built. the only way new ones will be started is if the government guarantees the loans. there’s a reason for that: wind works and pays for itself, nukes can’t. renewables are the bright, profitable future, nukes the dark, bankrupt past.