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What does Party Of Five and The West Wing have in common? Well, absolutely nothing…except for the fact they both have two very eco-savvy alumni. Bradley Whitford and Neve Campbell are both involved in a new mini-series that deals with global warming, entitled, Burn Up. Campbell and Whitford agree that they joined the project because of their strong passion for the environment and the subject of global warming.  In the series, Neve plays an environmentally conscious oil company worker opposite Whitford’s less than green, oil company lobbyist.

Wait a tick-Neve Campbell plays an environmentally conscious oil company worker? Something about that seems awfully strange…oh yeah, it’s the words “environmentally conscious” and “oil company” in the same sentence. In response to that little paradox, Campbell says, “(My character) figures out how to fight for what she wants and how to do that in the sense of going along with what the oil company needs for its purposes, but also trying to angle things so that she can be helpful to the environment.”

Whitford is known not only as an actor, but as an outspoken environmental and political activist.  Regarding our current president, Whitford says, “George W. Bush is the worst president we have ever had at the most dangerous time we have ever had, and you can quote me on that.” Well Mr. Whitford, considered yourself quoted.

U.S.-based Alchemy Television is distributing the project globally and is already talking to American networks about acquiring the two-parter. Check your local listing for more information.

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  • Ann

    I’ve admired Whitford’s commitment to environmental causes. However, I see a contradiction,coming across an advertisment that he and his family appeared in,endorsing what seems to be an SVU. Environmentally friendly? I don’t think so. The almighty dollar is still #1. Right? Environmental causes definitely #2 on the agenda.

  • parrish

    Ouch! Bradley Whitford, Ann done told you!

  • Becky

    Ann, yes Bradley Whitford’s family has appeared in an ad for an SUV. It is the new 2008 Chrysler Town & Country, which is considered “green” since it has Flex Fuel capability. So yes, it is more environmentally friendly.

  • Ann

    Becky, your response reads very much like that of an official spokesperson for either Whitford or Chrysler! I’ve looked up “Flex Fuel” and the use of an “alternative” fuel such as ethanol is not impressive. How much energy does ethanol need for its production? I remain a sceptic!

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  • Wayne Delbeke

    The earth hasn’t warmed for 10 years. I guess folks are are as behind as the politicians who get on the band wagon long after the train has left the station.

    Wayne Delbeke