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sting1.jpgAre you tired of Fruitcake? That pair of Chanukah socks just not cutting it? Sick of getting ANOTHER Kwanzaa doll (totally making up the Kwanzaa doll thing)? Well luckily, Uncle Sting and Aunt Trudie have come to your rescue. Sure, maybe they don’t have their own toy factory, but toy factories are a total bummer on the environment. And we all know that Sting ain’t no party pooper at the Mother Earth disco club, child. So, in the spirit of change, Sting and his wife are manufacturing wicker Christmas hampers, chalk-full of holiday gifts from their very own organic farm.

Now besides the fact that wicker products generally creep me out (once as a child I got stranded in a Pier 1), this product sounds like a damn lovely idea. Each basket comes fully loaded with organic Christmas cake, blackcurrant jam, raspberry jam, gooseberry mint and sage jelly, beetroot chutney and a chocolate coin. You will also receive a bottle of champagne, cassis, and some candles.

However, if you want to get down with Sting this holiday season, it’s gonna cost you. These wicker lovelies have a price tag of close to 300 dollars each. Have the cash to drop? Well, get in line behind Sharon Osbourne. There are only 100 precious hampers and you probably have to know somebody who knows somebody to get your green little fingers on one of these.

According to Sting and his wife, one of the main objectives in making these baskets was to share the importance of local farming with the world. And since many of us won’t be able to snag a basket this year, I recommend heading over to where you can learn about all of your local farming options, and then just make your own basket.

Oh, and of course I expect to receive one….since I gave you the idea and all.

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  • SarLo

    local farming IS really important,
    i’m actually surprised to see how little food is actually mentioned on this site!