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When I think of West Virginia, the first word that pops in my head surely isn’t: progressive. But color me ignorant! PETA has just announced that their person of the year is none other than West Virginia senator Robert C. Byrd.

In 2005, Byrd coauthored the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, which prohibited the transport, purchase or sale of our equestrian pals for human consumption. Willie Nelson publicly added his stamp of approval to this bill as well.

In 2002, Byrd also petitioned to convince the Senate Appropriations Committee to provide $5 million (the most money ever requested) for improving enforcement for the Humane Slaughter Act.

Most recently, during the Michael Vick case, Byrd delivered a 24-minute speech on the senate floor, condemning dog fighting and describing it as “barbaric.”

Keep up the great work, Senator. 

  • yvonne

    i find it very interesting that senator byrd made his 24 minute speech about the vick case in the same WEEK that one of his mentally handicapped constituents was kidnapped, raped and beaten repeatedly over the course of a week. didn’t get much press though, not with dogfighting going on.

  • alison

    i also find this offensive! senator byrd is a key player in the environmentally-damaging mountain top removal, and as well as the senator in charge of putting up the MOST COAL PLANTS in the U.S. in his state of west virginia, producing irreversible damage to the environment, land, water and all life there. but leave it to PETA, the with their extreme blinders on to what is actually happening in the world. Their fifth grade mentality completely ignores the facts of ecosystems, etc. instead they make irritating myspace pages calling the olsen twins “trolls”. real great “activism” there, guys.

    i wish ecorazzi would stop giving props to PETA and start talking about REAL environmental activist groups that actually know what is happening in the world and really do great things. PETA obviously has tons of money to get lots of publicity, and they know how to round up the celebrities, but there has to be other celeb news that has to do with more productive, progressive groups.

  • parrish

    Alison, I wrote the aricle and in retrospect I actually agree with you. You’ve been heard.

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